Teams and Pages for the Marathon

So I put the participants through the randomizer to block people into tables. I massaged the data a little (to seat family members together), and this is what we have for teams. And as we are in Season 8, the teams have been named accordingly…


As Jarlaxle controls the largest network in Waterdeep, his table will be the streaming table. And you will notice that even adding a DM, we have only two seats left free.

If I inadvertently missed paired players, please let me know ASAP.


In order to set up table plans (who has what at the appropriate level, etc.) we will be using Discord again. To allow for Mike to not have to sustain the server, we have opened a 25th Hour Events server and input in the table names as channels. For now I have left the channels open so anyone can view them. For the invite, follow the link below:

Pledge Pages

Each player is encouraged to go up to Extra Life’s site and set up a pledge page. The easiest way is to go to the Dungeons and Dragons team page and click the “Join Our Team” button. It will prompt you to make a page.

Hint: The account/page costs nothing, but if you pay the $19 to make it a Platinum Account, at certain intervals you will earn perks they will send to you.

Dungeons and Dragons Team Page

When setting up the page, I would alter the default text to include specifics about the event. The personal touch will tell friends and family this is actually your thing, and not a cookie cutter situation. And here are some perks we have put through as a suggestion for why people might want to pledge to your page instead of some other one…

  • pledges are tax deductible (and comes with the option for a receipt for tax purposes)
  • all donations stay local (you choose the hospital when you set up the account)
  • total pledges will earn you boons in the game

Single Donations

These are done by single donation amounts. A donation for these amounts will give you the specific boon.

  • $10 Potion of Greater Healing: Your character finds a potion on a dead adventurer at the start of the event (limit 8)
  • $20 Critical Success. You character feels the blessings of Tymora and gets a 20 on a single roll for an attack, saving throw, or ability check (limit of 4)
  • $100 Magic Item. The Blackstaff has awarded you for your past work with Force Grey in the protection of Waterdeep. She sends a magic item for you to use this night. (Admin assigns the item granted. It lasts only through play at the event. Afterwards, the item is unlocked for that character as per Season 8 rules. Limit of 2)

Total Pledges

You will earn boons and rewards based on the total amount of pledges you earn. This isn’t the only way to earn bonuses towards the event, but it is a good way to get some extra karma in without digging deep personally. These will include a number of certs and boons provided to us by the Admins at Adventurers League and Wizards of the Coast, and also some special goodies provided by your organizers at 25th Hour Events.

  • $100 total raise – a special boon from your AL Organizers at 25th Hour Events
  • $250 special unlock – too be announced prior to the event, during announcements
  • $500 special unlock – Is there one? Start raising funds, and find out?

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