Upcoming Marathon Charity Event

It is November, so that means a number of things around Casa de Zombie, but the two big ones are Gamehole Con and the Marathon Charity Event. Today I am posting the first set of players locked in to the Marathon Tables. As well as the format we are going to be doing…


Originally I was going to have people muster into groups, allowing people to set up parties of adventurers that had balance. I then realized just how much time that would eat up, plus it would minimize one of the things I like about special events similar to this one… mingling in with players you don’t normally roll with. So I am randomizing seat placement as I did last year. This will allow people to set up their teams for the event ahead of time.

The only caveat is going to be that people placed at the streaming table can ask to opt out of that seat if they don’t want to be on the stream. If that case arises, I will deal with it then.


As we are going to be doing Dungeon of the Mad Mage, I am asking players to bring in 5th level characters. If you have a character a single level away (up or down) to that, contact me and we can make sure it works. The goal is to have everyone start at a similar level. Most people aren’t down for 24 hours being the sidekick. 😉

If you do not have an Adventures League format legal character high enough level, contact me. There is the potential to run other content on a table (if there are enough people like that), or we will figure something out.

Goodies and Donation Options

There will be certs for participating, just like last year. There will also be special certs and boons awarded for hitting certain milestones in your fundraising (or simply donating yourself). In addition to the online donations through the extra life page, we will be having in-store donations going to Journey Mental Health Services to aid in their critical care suicide prevention help line.

We will also have a number of raffle items and potentially some auction items at the event. So be prepared!

The List, volume 1

  1. James Blount
  2. Nelle
  3. Nix
  4. Scott Peterson
  5. Rylie Sprouse
  6. Sean Sprouse
  7. Jeff Taras
  8. Ruth Imoff
  9. Devin McDemott
  10. Dan Perrine
  11. Wes Smith
  12. Trezy
  13. Scott Larkins
  14. Shane Webb
  15. Vern Bronson
  16. Nick Bruske
  17. Tim Schaab
  18. Jenna Schmitt
  19. Ian Pinsker
  20. Mark Mapes
  21. Sean Ruch
  22. Anna Ruch
  23. Anjalie Schlaeppi
  24. Jacob Shelton
  25. Nick CALO
  26. Adventurer of Clearwater Pond (send me your real name to confirm your spot)
  27. Fi St. John
  28. Liam St. John
  29. Laura Hart
  30. Brad Sumner
  31. Trena Williams
  32. Joe Janisch
  33. Nicholas Van Sciver
  34. Dennis Lassiter
  35. David J.
  36. TJ Anderson
  37. Mrs. Anderson (Hey, TJ… email me some info)
  38. Ben Rathert
  39. Jake Schultz

Don’t See Your Name?

If you don’t see your name on the list (even if you RSVP’d), it is because you haven’t gone to the Extra Life page I set up for the event and put in your donation for the seat. Don’t worry though… I am in the process of securing a couple more DMs, so we can still add you. Please go make that donation now.


If there are any other questions, please email me ASAP so I can look into them. My address is mister.zombie@gmail.com.


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