Can you help a Dungeon Master out?

So this Marathon Event has grown into a beast all it’s own. A true dragon in every sense of the word. We have maxed out at 5 tables. That is 40 people, assuming I include the DMs in that mix. And we are tapped out (to steal a Magic the Gathering term). I don’t have any more DMs or any more tables to expand it further.

If you take a look back, I was starting out with two Dungeon Masters for the event. And while this expansion means my team will do well (in true Amway fashion), I am now looking for some direct support of my efforts. Specifically at my table.

The Rewards

Please help my group reach its Extra Life goals; for fundraising, Zombie Joe has set the following donation rewards. Just mention what reward you’re choosing in the comments when you donate.Limited rewards will be stricken from the list if/when they are first chosen.

  • $20: DM Reroll. The DM gains a reroll to use during the game.
  • $20: DM Inspiration. A monster or NPC gains one use of inspiration (advantage on a saving throw, a check, or an attack roll).
  • $20: Blessing of the Loa. A monster or NPC of my choice gains the instaneous effect of one potion of healing.
  • $20: Curse of the Sky Ponies. DM can force a reroll of any roll on the Pega-Minion.
  • $50: That’s how it starts… DM adds one surprise encounter with a dinosaur/group of dinosaurs.
  • $50: Tag! You’re it! DM marks the Pega-Minion as “it” in an encounter of their choosing. (limit 3)
  • $75: Magic Item. DM can add a pop-up market from Meepo into the campaign. He will have standard items for sale as well as up to two magic items. (limit 2)
  • $100: Extra Life. During the course of the game the DM can choose a PC or an NPC to be brought to 1 hit point when they would have normally died. (limit 2)
  • $200: Get my gear! If anyone donates this amount, I will send them my dice used during the game, my sheets/notes, and even the copy of Tomb of Annihilation I use at the table. And maybe a couple extra goodies…

That last one puts me in the situation where I will need another book, but I am fine with that. (I do still have to run tables at our events after this one, after all.) But should someone bid for my gear, I will have the players at my table sign the inside cover. Well the survivors anyhow – if a player doesn’t make it to the end, maybe I will have them sign the back cover.

To donate is easy, just go to MY PAGE over on Extra Life. You will notice there are a couple of options in there to mess with the store employee at my table. Just sayin’

NOTE: There is a player table at the bottom of my page. Please ignore that – I placed it there for the players to cut and paste the template to their own pages.

Extra Life Fundraising is OPEN!

BOOM goes the sign-ups

There was some serious discussion to whether or not I would get 5-7 people willing to do a 24 hour D&D marathon for charity. I’m now sitting at 4 tables filled to capacity and I am looking at opening a 5th one to allow in a couple of waitlisters and balance out the tables. That is 32 people, counting the DMs running the tables. It is both awesome, and daunting…

Dungeon Master Donation Pages

I have put up the DM donation options (other than just donating what you want to support this awesome children’s charity) on my page. The other DMs will be adding a similar one shortly. If you cannot attend, or are not a D&D player, but still want to support our efforts, throw a little on a DM page. My DMs for this event are: (click on their names to donate to their efforts)

Player Donation Pages

There are 28 players so far, but the ones that have started a donation page are: (click on the names to go to their donation page)

Video Streaming

My hope is to offer a Twitch video stream of the event. We will see how possible that is. Equipment and a video person willing to do it is the key. In the event that it happens, I will post specifics here.

What It All Means

For me, it means there is a children’s charity getting some extra money and a dialog is being opened about the needs of these kids and their families. In my family, growing up as a young gamer in the making, this has always been part of what we do. For my father it was the Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethons. Mine is on a much smaller scale…

It also shows there are others willing to take this challenge in an effort to raise money. Which means this is likely going to be an event we continue to do in future years. Assuming this year goes off without a hitch.

Thank You

As a preemptive strike, I want to thank all the players, DMs and donors to the event. You are making a direct difference in the lives of children and families in need in my community.

Extra Life Marathon for Charity

D&D for Charity

This is the only marathon I really am able to do now, isn’t it? Also, this is a way to show the strength of the gaming community. Let’s face it, everyone can use good press once in a while. Not to mention cancer, children and pet related charities are my go-to’s. In the recent future I have gone from losing friends and family to cancer, to losing my dog to it. So this one is important to me.

Pegasus Games will be hosting our games this year. When available, we will be giving out certs for items given out in game. And the DMs will be running events as they have 4-7 players ready to sit down and roll. And if players are interested, we may do some of the long play or casual events through Adventurers League.

Each DM will be running events they are able to (have prepared for), mine will be going along the following list:
DDEX 2-4 Mayhem in the Earthspur Mines (L5-10)
DDEX 2-3 The Drowned Tower (L5-10)
DDEX 2-5 Flames of Kythorn (L1-4)

DDEX 2-8 Foulness Beneath Mulmaster (L1-4)

I could likely do others, and may based on interest. Additionally, if at least 5 people donate to get a seat running Out of the Abyss from the book for the entire day (minus meal breaks), I will do that. It is very sandbox in its design and is AL legal.

Donation Levels

  • a seat at a 4 hour block table: $5
  • a full day seat for Out of the Abyss $15 (we may run a little later than 8pm)
  • reroll an attack roll, skill check or saving throw (must take the new number) $1
  • standard healing (2d4+2): $1
  • make a weapon deal magical damage for the course of a fight: $2

Where to Donate

Donations can be entered on my Extra Life account. You can specify what they are for in your comments, or simply donate a set amount and use that as your “reserve pool” for the weekend. We will take donations on site as well.
You can also donate in support of the DMs that will be running events this weekend for the charity. If you are interested in running something, please let me know.