The Weekend Roundup: Burgers, Beers and Beatdowns

The first hosting of a UFC event went well. Okay, not perfect. I had to watch a couple of the undercards after the Silva fight due to not figuring out how to order the non-HD version of the fight. But all-in-all that’s pretty good. As with most things there is a list of observations from the weekend as a whole.

Choice of Beers

It was UFC fight night. I had dubbed it Burgers Beers and Beatdowns. And I was involved. What do you think would be the beer of choice for the night?

That’s right, Black and Blues. I stocked up on Blue Moon and Guinness special for the night. I even broke out the Guinness glassware. Of course I did notice the four cans I had sitting in the refrigerator (not the new cans) were losing their nitrogen fizz to them so weren’t floating as well as they should. I made sure I drank the rest of those during True Blood/Walking Dead preview on Sunday. Will definitely need to be a staple for fight night though.

The Burgers

For the trial run at Rhythm and Booms last weekend, we mixed some corn flake bread crumbs, an egg and a healthy amount of raspberry chipolte barbecue sauce with the meat. This time I did the same thing with the meat, but we left out the cheese (which melted into and then through the meat) and stuffed the burgers with thinly sliced zucchini and spices. I still wrapped them in bacon and then we just put your cheese of choice on it. Not bad, but with changes next time.

If I was to do zucchini next time I would put in a couple layers. It wasn’t enough to really stand out. That said, for the next fight night I would go all for the guys.  Which is to say I would be more likely to stuff them with jalapenos or some other pepper. Maybe a little onion, but I’m not totally sold on onions. Were we to have done that this time we would have lost the pregnant woman (who doesn’t like bacon either) and possibly my wife. She’ll eat the jalapenos, but under protest. Of course she wasn’t around for the fights and didn’t stay downstairs with us when she did get home. She had leftovers the next day.

The Cost

We discussed future fight nights going down to BW3 or the like. We miss out on a lot of the commentary, but we don’t have to pay the $45 for the Pay Per View. Of course our food and drinks bill goes up. If it is two of us, it may be worth it to go to the sports bar. The more people who are even willing to toss in a bit to the Fight Fund and it becomes more worth it to have it at home. Let’s face it, the cost of food and beer is significantly less. Also we can do Black and Blues (see above).

The Summary

I would totally do this again, and will likely do it again. So, if you are local and are interested, stay tuned. Burgers Beers and Beatdowns 2 will be returning soon. As soon as I recover from the first one. 😉


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