Officially Day One

Today is the day I begin my SNAP budget challenge. I had planned to begin on August 1st, but I had a surprise visit to GenCon helping out my friends at Studio 6d6. Eating anything at a convention is hard, especially when you’re working. The budget would have been at most a single value meal at Steak & Shake.

Getting up this morning I knew I was in trouble. I didn’t have any food prepared. The salads I had worked up to $1.13 per mason jar were sitting empty at home. Our fridge was a little bare as well. All of this conspired to make my options limited.

Breakfast was my normal peanut butter sandwich. With being away from the puppy for a week, she wanted to taste test my food anyhow. My estimates based on the average amount of peanut butter used and cost of bread per slice is 30 cents per sandwich. I also went out at lunch to buy bananas, which average out to about 13 cents per banana. I did buy a couple of sodas, but I am giving myself a pass on those as I needed the caffeine and didn’t get my caveat coffee this morning. Also those together still cost less than my usual coffee. Not by much, but still less.

Dinner tonight will likely be risotto. I may include some type of meat as I am at 73 cents for the day. So far.

Tomorrow morning I am planning to prep up some black beans to go with risotto left overs. I will likely pick up things to make salads and cereal that is within budget in case I want to vary my diet. And eggs. They are one of the secret tricks to protein as they are pretty cheap to prepare. And I have a ton of recipes for them. Not all include having them on a burger, like I did during GenCon last week.

So I will be ending my day at home with 73 cents spent. Hopefully the other $3.27 will fill me up. Day One is almost in the books. Shopping is next on the list.


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