Do Zombies Dream of Brains?

A little background for those not familiar with the schedule at Casa de Zombie. My wife works in Milwaukee, which is about a 90 minute drive one way. As such, on Tuesday nights she will stay with her friend Laura (who we met in college) as she lives about 5-10 minutes from her office. It also gives her a night to go out to dinner with her and the ladies on her team in the office. That makes it Zombie Joe and Ginger time back at the condo.

why-the-treatsGinger is the fox terrier mix we rescued last fall. We went to donate dog food to a shelter a month or so after our dog for the last 15 years had passed, and found this scared little girl that needed a home. More importantly needed someone willing to help her through her various fears brought on from a year of mistreatment. She still isn’t a fan of other dogs and is scared of the outdoors, but she’s acting like a dog now. And is a filthy, filthy beggar. It’s been months since I’ve been able to eat my entire dinner by myself.

This week that meant going through her first thunderstorm since she came home with us, and my usual night of difficulty sleeping. Like most Tuesdays, this meant sleeping on the couch with the puppy and waking up several times through the night. The usual. Right along with waking up to an infomercial as the television has been on most of the night. Did you know some stations stop broadcasting if it is late enough still? I thought all of them were 24 hours now. Some are 23 hour stations.

So I woke up having slept on my arm wrong. Acutally, my right arm (primary arm) has been sore at the elbow for a week or so. Last night I just made it worse and woke up from it. Get up for a glass of water, stretch a bit, and lay back down. Then come the weird dreams. This time it was a dream from back in college when I popped my right elbow out. Having done similar with my knee, I popped it back and went on with life. My dream detailed this event in vivid detail for me. Not that I needed it, not all of my memories were lost in that concussion. (Yet another, different story.)

Waking from the dream, my arm still aching, I considered how much it sucks to get older. Before – pop a joint, just pop it back. Now – be sore and useless for weeks from just sleeping on it wrong or stretching it badly.

Though on the bright side Ginger dealt with her first thunderstorm really well. And she didn’t ask to go out at all in the middle of the night. It was still raining after all.

Still, with the move of her “castle” (the word I trained her for with her kennel) due to visitors coming this weekend, she doesn’t jump right into it now. Her new thing is when I give her the command, she goes to where it used to be, runs back, jumps on the couch and rolls on her back kicking her legs. She does this until I rub her belly, pick her up, and put her in the kennel. Cute? Maybe. But consider the previously mentioned elbow strain. 😉


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