February Reading List

Continuing on with the post from last month, I’ll go over the novels I’ve reviewed this month. I did skip a week on print media, but I am including my review on the 1st of March as I read the book in February. So far it’s looking like I am about 1.5 novels behind my goal. But I have some questionable weeks coming up. So that will change. Just not sure if it will change to the better or worse.

For this month, the list is as follows:

This month left me with some surprises – not all of them good. In looking through the list of my choices in audiobooks, I picked out Deadeye by William C. Dietz. He is a well-known and successful author in the science fiction genre. The concept was pretty interesting, and it focused on a POC as the protagonist. What I found was the budding wish-fulfillment of an old white dude writing the BAMF female character. She had no personality unless it came to an interaction with a male. And even then it was only for a short scene. Her badassery was highlighted by her “model good looks.” As if her being a badass was all the more extraordinary due to how she was a supermodel in a motorcycle jacket. Add in some stunningly stupid science highlighted by the fact the partners who couldn’t eat at the same table for threat of contamination from the mutant virus he had evolve into having sex later in the book.

While Deadly Spells was easily going to be one of my favorites (as the series was already that by book 1). I rolled the bones on Love in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction simply based on the summary given of it (again it sounded interesting) and the narrator. Luke Daniels is easily one of my favorites as the narrator behind the Iron Druid Chronicles from Kevin Hearne.  While there were parts of the novel that didn’t hold me, it was an excellent story with solid writing. And Daniels reading it.

Though I have been rolling back to my urban fantasy roots with the recent reviews, come this week I will be doing a traditional fantasy. Another of the Forgotten Realms novels from R.A. Salvatore. It was on my pick list from Audible, and I’ve been reviewing all of them as they come through. So it was a no-brainer for me.


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