What’s Zombie Joe Reading? January Edition

So this year I have taken on two reading challenges. The first was a “new to me” challenge. Were I to meet the highest level of this challenge, this would have involved me reviewing only books of authors who were either debut, or ones I haven’t read currently. Sure, I usually read more than 50 books a year, but I have been slowing down with everything on my plate recently. Which brings me to the second challenge…

tales-nightshadeThe goal is to hit the “Marathoner” level of the audiobook challenge. This should also help me to reach my goal in the “new to me” challenge as I can use this to up my number of new authors. Additionally, I can read audiobooks while doing other things. I can work on my web development, do my puzzles (helps maintain the memory… long story), or do simple housework. Or complex housework for that matter… it’s not like I do anything with power tools. Casa de Zombie is in a condo. With the addition of this (and the inclusion of a new column on WLP for audiobooks called Sound Off), I am now scheduling two reviews a week. So that means I should be clocking in with 100-104 reviews for the year. Which assumes no “vacations” during that time. But let’s face it, a vacation just means “more time to read.”

So far this is what I have for the month of January (as noted in my 2015 Reading Challenge page). There is another that I have technically read during January, but the review is scheduled to go live February 1st. So that will be the first title for next month.

  • Half Resurrection Blues by Daniel José Older
  • Transmuted by Karina Cooper
  • Unbound by Jim C Hines
  • Broken Shadows by AJ Larrieu
  • Witches of Echo Park by Amber Benson (audiobook re-read)
  • Iron Axe by Stephen Harper
  • Tales from the Nightside by Simon R Green
  • Gemini Cell by Myke Cole

New Favorties

Half-Resurrection-Blues-Final-CoverWith the “new to me” challenge, I expect some new favorites to be added to my list of “go-to” authors. Top on that list of new folks is Daniel José Older. I like his style and snark, and can’t wait for an open credit on my Audible account to pick up the audiobook for my wife. Personally, I think he does an excellent job at narrating his own novel. It’s not something everyone can do. Stephen Harper will likely be on the list as well, but I don’t keep many fantasy authors there. Will have to see how it plays out in the long run. Assuming I have time to invest in a “fun” read. (Or if I am assigned another review of his titles.)

Really any of the 4 new authors I’ve read this month would make me pick future books they offer from a list for review. I liked each and every one of them enough to finish the story and give it a positive review. Looking at the February lists, there was no names I recognized yet though. Well, at least none that aren’t already scheduled. (I’m looking at you Jaye Wells.) I did find a narrator that I recognized as one of my “go-to’s” (Luke Daniels from the Iron Druid series by Kevin Hearne), but the book coming out is so far off my genre list I couldn’t justify picking it off the list.

Each and every one off of that list are titles I would suggest looking into. Though to be fair, some of those are multiple books into a series.

What are you reading?


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