Every year I wrestle with the idea of resolutions. The final result I came to was that resolutions were destined for failure. I looked more towards setting up guidelines for myself. Of course that might just be me talking about the catalyst for the upcoming re-branding of my blog/website. My bucket list entries revolving around the Late Late Show were a resolution. What I am looking at for this year is to set the goal to do something towards writing every day. It could be as simple as “edit 3 pages before work” or as complex as “re-write chapter 3.” But every day would be something.

One of my goals remains to do more reading and reviews. I had set the goal last year of doing a review every Friday. I’d also envisioned doing as many as I could on local authors. So for this year, I am continuing on with the Friday review posts (Rule 42), but thanks to a project through Audible, I’m adding Sunday morning reviews to my calendar as well. One of the things I’d been stepping away from was listening to audiobooks while I work. I used to listen to a title every week, usually the ones I wanted to read – not ones I’d been asked to review.

Thanks to this new project (and how awesome Audible has been), I am three titles in already this year. Though only my first print review was for my “new to me” challenge this year, I have a new review that allows me to be doing something every day. It’s also gotten me back into the routine of thinking like a writer. Though I don’t suffer from depression or anxiety as some of my friends do, I’d taken a hit to my motivation and my life this past year. What I’m doing now is a huge leap in my recovery from that.

In hopes that some of my friends unfamiliar with Wicked Lil Pixie (or my reviews over there), you can look to my 2015 Reading Challenge page for the titles I’ve read and links to the reviews. Especially, I’d like to point out Half-Resurrection Blues by Daniel José Older. There’s something about it that speaks to me. Much like many of my favorite authors. Do yourself a favor and check it out.


Plans for the New Year

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