2015 Reading Challenge

New to You Reading ChallengeThis year, my challenge is a bit more nebulous. Especially considering I am pretty locked into at least one book a week through my reviews on Wicked Lil Pixie. For this go around, I am shooting to have as many as possible (up to 100) be either debut authors, or at least authors that I have never read before. The idea spawned from seeing a link to the blog post linked to the right…

PrintIn addition to the “new to me” challenge, I am taking the audiobook challenge. Sure, I have just started the “Sound Off” postings over at Wicked Lil Pixie, so that just means I will have to keep with it to hit the “Marathoner” level. Which is totally my goal.

What will follow will include my own list of the books I have read in this category with links to my reviews on them (where applicable).


Audiobook Challenge: promoted from Newbie to Weekend Warrior (2/8/15)
New to Me Challenge: set to Level 1 (1/12/15)

2015 Titles

new to me: 10 … total books read: 17 … audiobook titles: 10
* = denotes a “new to me” title … ■ = denotes audiobook title

March 8: Vengeance of the Iron Dwarf by R.A. Salvatore ■
March 6: Prime: A Genesis Series Event by Chris Kluwe & Andrew Reiner *
March 1: The Severed Streets by Paul Cornell * ■
February 23: Ghost Killer by Robin D Owens * ■
February 20: Heir to the Jedi by Kevin Hearne
February 15: Dark Intelligence by Neal Asher * ■
February 13: Deadly Spells by Jaye Wells
February 8: Love in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction by Judd Trichter * ■
February 2: Deadeye by William C. Dietz * ■
January 29: Gemini Cell by Myke Cole
January 26: Tales From The Nightside by Simon R. Green * ■
January 19: Iron Axe by Steven Harper * ■
January 16: Witches of Echo Park by Amber Benson ■
January 16: Broken Shadows by AJ Larrieu *
January 12: Unbound by Jim C. Hines ■
January 9: Transmuted by Karina Cooper
January 2: Half-Resurrection Blues by Daniel José Older *

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