Blood at the Orpheum

Taken at their Majestic show by the band...

Taken at their Majestic show by the band…

So this past week I won tickets to the world premiere viewing of Blood at the Orpheum, the first ever In This Moment concert DVD. It was filmed here in Madison at the Orpheum Theater this past May. I took my son to see the concert, and with Nonpoint opening for them it was one of the better shows to go to that year. Like a mini-Band Camp almost. So we were there for the filming.

My wife didn’t think she could take the day off to get there in time, my son was working, and I had the day off of work for the holiday. So what’s a zombie to do? He took his “retired” sister to the remote in the theater’s lounge and the movie. I say “retired” as a bit of an inside joke. Though she is four years older than me, she has recently left work (with a severance package), so had some time on her hands.

The first thing she did is look up who In This Moment was. Technically its the first thing my brother-in-law did. He then asked when I started listening to metal. I told her she could relay to him, 11 or 12 years old. About the same time I started listening to punk rock. Seriously, he’s around the same age as me. How do you grow up in the 70’s and 80’s and NOT listen to metal, punk and the like? At least some of the time…

So she had never heard any of their music. I get the feeling she doesn’t listen to WJJO like I do. And of course the first video she watches from them is their latest, Whore. I explained the idea behind the song to her on the way to Point Cinema (on the other side of town).

During the remote, the station was giving away copies of the DVD, signed posters from the band and a tattoo of the band’s logo from Ultimate Arts Tattoos. All really solid swag. My sister gets her name drawn and wins a signed poster, which was pretty awesome. She was asking me what to do with it. I told her she needed to start a rock wall in her house. I told her that I do have a signed Halloween photo from Maria Brinks, but I have yet to figure out where my full on rock wall is going to go.

I do have a Wayland Warrior Wall, but that’s because I have the signed guitar from their (and my) first year at Band Camp. So that meant setting something up. And gave me the clout to set it up in our living room too. You have to start somewhere. Don’t even get me started on adding quotes to the feature walls in our house. 😉

There was also much discussion on dragging their asses out to the next Wayland show. My brother-in-law is turning into a grumpy old man before his time. Thus I feel it is my responsibility to my family to get him good currently published science fiction to read, music from currently touring bands, and plenty of garden gnomes to motivate him into action. You know… before the rise up in revolt and take over the house.

That made it so much better that my sister won some swag rather than me. I’m like Patient Zero, spreading the metal virus along one victim at a time.


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