You Are Part of the Problem

We’ve all seen them. Memes that use pictures to state if you can recognize this pop culture icon, but not this <insert name of your favorite scientist/humanitarian/artist> then you are part of the problem. I loathe these things. It really boils down to someone shouting, “I’m better than you” at people going in to a concert, or watching a show on television. For me it smacks of someone kicking another person down to lift themselves up – a real trigger for me. Which makes this all the more difficult…

While I am concerned to post something like this considering the traffic spike in my stats right now (meaning people will actually see this), I have found something that has brought me to the point of posting one of these passive-aggressive bitchfests.

I am a fan of the show Sleepy Hollow. It is a paranormal show with a strong story behind it. One that didn’t come from an already successful novel series. The acting on the show is strong. And it has not only a main character that is a person of color, but a character in a position of authority that is as well. Don’t worry, this plays into my point.

People are banning the show and deriding it because on this week’s show they wrote in a one-liner about the right to bear arms. When discussing a militant doomsday-prepper cult. The tweets I was seeing claimed they would be removing it from their DVR and telling everybody they knew to as well, because… liberal Hollywood agenda.

“Death is easy, comedy is hard… I believe Shia LeBeouf said that.” – Jim Carrey

First off, it was a joke. And honestly, it was a fitting one. But that isn’t the real issue here. Some viewers will lack a sense of humor, or the ability to understand satire. Hell, there are quite a few unable to laugh at themselves. Like half the geeks that watch Big Bang Theory. But if you don’t like the show, you are within your rights to stop watching it. I won’t, and I will tell you why should you try to convince me otherwise.

Here’s the kicker for me. I dug through the accounts of several of the people calling for a ban of the show. You know what I found? People who we screaming for A&E to “stop infringing on Phil Robertson’s 1st amendment rights.” I know it shouldn’t shock me too much, put let’s do this up right.

The First Amendment

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances

A&E isn’t the government. They are a company. He did something out of character for their corporate image and they were within their rights to ditch him. And they did. They had a choice to stick to their guns, potentially losing the show and chose not to. Again, their choice, not his rights.

But these people, who decided that no matter what the Bill of Rights actually says, that they were in the right, have decided that the studios don’t have those same rights. If you think Phil Robertson getting suspended from the show (and make no mistake, it is a show) infringes on his 1st Amendment Rights but Fox Network can’t make a 2nd Amendment joke on a fully fictional show, you ARE part of the problem.

Don’t even get me started on someone calling Fox television anything “liberal.” Even Alanis Morissette can tell that’s ironic.

If you can’t watch a show about an Englishmen from colonial times who revived from death 250 years later to stop the Headless Horseman (who is actually Death, the Pale Rider) without shouting about “liberal media” to the inanimate object (and then to social media as a whole), I think there’s a problem. Just not with the studios. Fox Networks has 99 problems, but liberal bias on the show Sleepy Hollow ain’t one of them.

Zombie Joe
fan and continuing viewer of Sleepy Hollow


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