An Open Letter to @dungeonbastard

As you can clearly see by the title, this is an answer to the first salvo fired by one Bill Cavalier, aka the Dungeon Bastard. Clearly he has mistaken me for a gnome bard with an 8 strength and 10 constitution. Which means he is in for a surprise…

gameholecon-dragon-black-217x300In looking towards my upcoming schedule to map out the interviews and reviews to go up on WLP this coming month or two, I realized that my tickets to go to TeslaCon (not to mention the whole point of buying a tri-barreled Napoleonic pistol and hand crossbow) were going to conflict with attending GameHole Con in Madison that month. This meant no joining in on Dungeon Bastard’s Gauntlet of Doom™, or sitting through a discussion with Chris Perkins, DM to the Stars™.

This made me more melancholy than an emo goth bard with broken lute strings trying to play the Cure. Which led to me sending out this tweet shown below.


But what surprise was waiting for me in this Tomb of Horrors, but a reply from the man himself a short time later…



The choice is clear? Tesla is dead? Even assuming you don’t consider shows from SyFy that might say different (and who wouldn’t listen to them after Sharknado), we’re talking steampunkers. Only the Bronies are a more rabid fanbase. (Please don’t hunt me down, Bronies.)

Mr. Cavalier, you clearly don’t understand that TeslaCon is a short 20 minute drive from GameHole Con. In a matter of minutes we could be wrapping wrists together in period-appropriate silk rope and knife fighting like a cross between West Side Story and a half-orc mating ritual. (I would have went Klingon parmaqqay, but GameHole is a gaming con, not a trekkie convention.)

I don’t know what will be happening in Madison come Halloween, but I know it will be a night to remember. Hopefully we don’t thin the ranks of the geek community too much with our genre in-fighting. Because honestly, is there anything more sad in Wisconsin than geek-on-geek crime? Not since the “Fake Geek Girl Controversy of 2012” has the normally pacifistic community been rocked this far down its core.

Though, in all realism… to my gaming and geek brothers and sisters… TeslaCon is sold out. Go get your game on with the Dungeon Bastard and Chris Perkins, DM to the Stars™.



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