The Sundering – Coming to Rule 42

companionsWhile I am a gamer for over thirty three years (full on D&D geek), I have a bit of a confession. I don’t really read fantasy books any more. At least not epic fantasy or the sword and sorcery style novels. Part of it has to do with the Game of Thrones style of describing the dish each person at a feast is eating. The rest has to do with the feel for urban fantasy and paranormal stories have for me. Which is not to say that I won’t read fantasy. Clearly, as the first entry into Rule 42 over on Wicked Lil Pixie was a fantasy novel by Kelly McCullough.

At the same time, I still host a weekly game night. Every Sunday Dungeons and Dragons is going on at Casa de Zombie. Most of the time, I am the one running the game. This goes a long way to backing up the joke, “I don’t play D&D – haven’t in years!” So I play the game, and am involved in the genre in other ways.

As with the second entry into Rule 42, this is also one meant to be bent. I do read the occasional book my son suggests in the genre. Like Jim Butchers Codex Alera series. One of these handful of authors I read is Erin M Evans.  I was left without a book during a trip and I picked up one of her first titles. It struck me, and I looked up the others. Eventually that led to meeting her at GenCon to get a book signed. Probably the only person there to get her scribble and then said, “huh, I suppose I should get one signed by Ed Greenwood too.”

I say this as she is one of the authors involved in the launch of The Sundering. Yes, another upheaval in the Forgotten Realms. I know. This series also features the first author I saw at a book signing, and I was working at that one. (That would be Bob Salvatore for the non-D&D people.) I also kept some of Paul Kemp’s paperbacks from back in my days of reading only fantasy fiction. Not to mention that my group has also agreed that they want to play in the setting version of the Sundering, beginning with Murder in Baldur’s Gate.

I a stunning display of cluelessness, I had forgotten about the e-galley service I get my review copies from. A tweet about a book featuring ninjas fighting zombies (right?), I picked up the first two of the novels coming up for review. And while these authors aren’t local, D&D still feels local to me. It was originally located in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. And in Seattle, there’s even a friend from one of my local campaigns that works for Wizards of the Coast. In short, I am including them in the Rule 42 heading.

Check out the tab above to see the first three of the entries. But keep an eye out for more along those lines. Both from the game and the novels.


One thought on “The Sundering – Coming to Rule 42

  1. It’s been years since I’ve read anything from Forgotten Realms, and I read those without the knowledge they were directly related to Dungeons & Dragons. 😛
    Always meant to go back to the books, but I can never seem to give the time necessary to commit to the task. Always some other job or venture…but mostly general apathy. Shame. 😉

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