Happy Birthday, Carniepunk!

carniepunkIn case you missed it over on WLP, Nat and I have been doing a review every Friday up until release week for Carniepunk. Partially because we love the authors, but mostly because someone gave me an ARC. I promise I didn’t make “squee” noises until it arrived in the mail. Really I didn’t. Honest.

I’ll give you links to all of the posts we did on the individual stories, but I want to call attention to a couple of my favorites. Namely Mark Henry’s submission of a dystopian zombie apocalypse tale set in Manhattan. Trust me, there are carnies involved. And zombies. And drag queens. You can go to Carniepunk Fridays: The Introduction for the “full review.”

Honestly, I am saying “favorites” but all of them really were my favorites. There weren’t any bad stories in the mix. And while Mark’s was something I have been waiting to see for a while, Delilah Dawson and Rachel Caine were authors I hadn’t read before that literally came out of nowhere for me in this collection. After reading their shorts, I have picked up books from them. Delilah’s series I picked up that weekend in fact. A couple of them.

If you are interested in the full listing, they are…

  1. Mark Henry
  2. Kelly Meding
  3. Deliah S. Dawson
  4. Jaye Wells
  5. Rachel Caine
  6. Jennifer Estep
  7. Allison Pang
  8. Nicole Peeler
  9. Kevin Hearne
  10. Seanan McGuire
  11. Hillary Jacques

If you just want the final count, it is on the final post, but it is…

4 STARS (must buy)

If you simply want to buy it…


Questions? If not, pick up a copy locally and grab a slice of birthday cake. Or a birthday cupcake. Or ice cream. You get the idea.


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