New Series Coming… Rule 42

Well, I think it will be called that anyhow. We are still working out the details. The idea is a weekly series on a local author. So I would pick a Wisconsin author and do a review on them. In the future I may expand it to include a feature or an interview with the author. Tough to say. But the central idea revolves around…

Rule 42 – The Local Author Rule™

When an author located within the boundaries of your state publishes a novel that is within your genre, you will purchase said novel and read it.

BladeReforgedFor the first entry coming this Saturday (though it will continue on Fridays once our Carinepunk reviews are done), I will be reading Blade Reforged by Kelly McCullough. This book is in his more fantasy series as opposed to urban fantasy, so it is really genre-adjacent. But still an author I read.

This isn’t to say the Wisconsin residency is a hard and fast requirement. There has been some bending of Rule 42 with justification. Some prime examples are…

  • Neil Gaiman – While he does have a house in the state, he also has multiple “homes.” His dogs live in this state, so that fits my requirements. What? I’m a dog person… What?
  • Marjorie M Liu – She doesn’t live in Wisconsin, but she did her undergraduate in northern Wisconsin and attended law school on the campus I currently work for in my day job. A degree from this state and at least six years of residency counts.
  • Carolyn Crane – She may live in Minnesota now, but she was raised here. Also she is a member of the League of Reluctant Adults. Either of those separately grants special dispensation.

I likely already have the second in the series ready to go as Madison area author Alex Bledsoe released Wisp of a Thing recently as well. And Rule 42 or not, that is a hell of a series of books he has going there.

Once the series starts I will link it here and maybe even start a landing page for linking all the posts in the series.

Know an author I should include in the Rule 42 series? Leave a comment below and I will look into them.


4 thoughts on “New Series Coming… Rule 42

  1. Great idea! So does 42 have to do with the answer to life, the universe, and everything?

    As for WI authors, check the WisRWA members listing, though some are out of state members. HWA and SFWA may also have member listings.

    • Sort of. It is a mash-up of a Douglas Adams and Zombieland reference. Pretty well describes me. We do have a local romance writers group that used to be a WisRWA chapter. Though not many outside of our city. Might check those.

  2. Apparently Rule 42 has multiple meanings as a quick Google search has found. I only knew it as one of the Rules of the Internet, but along with this it would seem the Gaelic Athletic Association has dibs on it in Wikipedia. Serious Business yo. 😮
    Also, how about checking in to read Maia Jacomus? Know her via a Madison artist collective I work with. Is Sun Prairie local enough?

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