Romantic Times from the Eyes of Cupcake Man

So it seems that some from Romantic Times have decided to rename me. Don’t worry, I have no intention of rebranding my blog, my social networking or the reviews. That said, when passing me one morning, an author whose name is escaping (and whose card I haven’t come across yet in unpacking) said she was going to be calling me Cupcake Man from now on. I thought Zombie Joe was pretty memorable, but for convention purposes… sure. Not to mention, though the numbers are starting to swing more our direction we men were sorely the minority at the con. They rebranded a couple of our restrooms as women’s restrooms.

the view from our room at RT

the view from our room at RT

The same morning I was called Cupcake Man, I had also tweeted about being incognito. I was wearing my Wayland tour shirt and denim. Not a piece of zombie identification on me. Of course by the end of the tweet I was entering in the epiphany that I was one of twenty dudes at the convention, so there was no hiding. That said, I still found it the same as my first one in 2010 – helpful, inspiring and a lot of fun.

I would have more photos (and may once I collect them all), but during most of the costumed events my wife wasn’t bringing her camera. Hell, most of the time she wasn’t wearing her glasses, so it wouldn’t have mattered if she did. I will make it a point to collect up the photos from the camera and our phones. I am a bit more liberal with what I will call a decent picture.

Today I am going for a quick teaser of my week in Kansas City, so… some highlights:

  • Sarah Rees Brennan and Heather Brewer calling Rachel Caine a robot. Sarah even proceeded to pummel her with a holographic bookmark. (For the record, the bookmark is awesome.)
  • Nicole Peeler announcing on a panel that Jeaniene Frost is a “pinch hitter.” (Meaning she writes from both the male and female point of view.)
  • Nicole then telling the assembled attendees that Jackie Kessler goes from men to boys. (Meaning she writes male point of view in adult novels and YA.)
  • Seeing just how many people (honestly, mostly women due to the format of the con) will accept food from someone before they even know their name.
  • Getting to know a lot of new people due to reminding them they took food from someone who looks like me before they even knew who I was.
  • Steampunk Tea: Really, what more needs to be said here? Lots of awesome stuff given away. A lot of people cursing that they weren’t born closer to the same day as Nicola Tesla.
  • Met up with the other reviewers on Wicked Lil Pixie. Ironically I still haven’t met Sahara. It didn’t help that I have no idea what she looks like.
  • Seeing a lot of Karina Cooper. Really she is as effervescent as they come, and you can’t pass up saying hello when you pass by. And with her planning to attend TeslaCon whenever possible, it just makes sense to remain in contact with her.
  • Asking Diana Rowland to sign my copy of Carniepunk. (No, she didn’t write a story in that one.) I told her to just sign Mark Henry’s story. He wouldn’t mind.
  • Jaye Wells telling people her goals were to not cry and to not cuss. She didn’t cuss, and almost made it without crying. (Sorry to out you Jaye.)
  • Tiffany Reisz asking “who gives out awards for smut?” during her acceptance speech.
  • Diana Rowland thanking the inventor of Spanx during her acceptance speech.
  • Meljean Brooke announcing to the crowd she was a dork. (Really one of the most touching speeches of the night.)
  • Karina Cooper explaining how her husband sold his Magic cards to pay for her trip to accept her award. (Not to mention being one of the ten people there that likely got what that meant. Me, John Scalzi and like two to four other urban fantasy authors.)
  • Karina Cooper’s story of screaming when she found out she won. I won’t embarrass her or her husband by retelling the whole thing. Too bad nobody records all those speeches.
  • Getting seated randomly next to Andrew Schaffer during the anniversary dinner.
  • …and together they fight crime!
  • Discovering a preopening band for Necrospank5000 and Laser Vaginas. (Pew! Pew!)

More will follow later. Maybe some more expanded stories. Possibly some awesome new books I picked up. Who knows?


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