Motivation is a Fickle Thing

Motivation is a truly fickle thing. It’s like a brick in a satin glove one day and a feather pillow the next. At least it seems to be that way these past couple months. Confused? Welcome to the club.

First off I have my edits to do on my Camp NaNo novel so I can ePub it and get copies out to the donors. My most productive work time has been spent dragging my butt out of bed in the morning. Also, without write-ins any post work day time seems rather lonely. It’s like I forgot how to be a solitary writer. In reality I know I just need to motivate myself to set up the library at Casa de Zombie to be my editing station. Every weekend has gotten away from me before I could do this.

Reading has been filling in my time. I have not only a stack of books I want to read, but a box of books to read and blurb for another web site. Luckily the first couple of books from the box were ones on my list already. Though I have been pushing others on my list (latest in a series from authors I enjoy reading) further down. Really this is motivation rallying against a desire to read my favorites. This I can manage. Though I am going to hit one I have been waiting for after the next blurb read.

New stories. Well this is another can of worms entirely. Over Twitter we had one of those discussions of a series of short stories that would be fun to write. A couple of us joked about doing it. Really, we were just joking. I think. Of course on the drive home I came up with ideas of a story or two for the theme of the anthology. I suggested to one of the others involved that we actually look at putting it together. One of our other “Twitter peeps” had done a similar thing with erotica stories revolving around office supplies. (It’s called Felt Tips, if you wanted to check it out.)

"I'm so tired..."

“I’m so tired…”

Sounds like I was pretty motivated there, right? A couple of people have since told me they thought the anthology sounded like a bad idea. Something people wouldn’t be interested in. Yeah, that was the sound of my sails deflating.

Seriously, it feels like one of my gorillas is suffering from mono and the other never made it out of the zoo.

My answer is clear. I know the problem. You can’t edit a blank page and as Billy Crystal said in Throw Momma From The Train, ” A writer writes – always.” So I have to set aside a schedule, get my materials together, and write. And edit. And work.

This changing around my library to be a better environment to edit in is my version of Neil Gaiman’s gazebo. At least one or two of you will remember that one. You don’t need Neil Gaiman’s gazebo to write, so stop obsessing over it. Or, to reference another Gaiman-oriented piece of advice… Make Good Art. My leg may not be down the throat of a mutated anaconda and my cat may not have exploded (only partially because I have a dog, not a cat), but I’m letting less traumatic experiences keep me from making good art.

For those of you still confused, this is the blogging/literary equivalent of me pulling myself up by my bootstraps. Even though my Wolverines don’t really have bootstraps. You get the idea though.

That said, I’m going out tonight and will make something. With a spot of luck it might be good art. And if any of you might be interested in throwing in on a collection of short stories in the horror comedy genre… let me know. Leave a comment. Or, for the fans of the horror genre (bonus points if you can identify the source of the quote)…

Find me. Heal me. Save me from my enemies.


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