Burgers, Beers and Beatdowns… and Birthdays

79 Baby Gorilla FightSo there is no UFC pay-per-view fight in January, but two in February. Or, as it is called in Casa de Zombie, Birthday Month. Seriously, there are at least four family birthdays that month. But for the purposes of this exercise we’ll focus on the mid-month. My son and I were born on the same day and we are the two (of three total people at Casa de Zombie) with the February birthdays. This means the Burgers Beers and Beatdowns is definitely happening, we just have to choose which one. I plan on posting to the “Facebook Machines” to get the feelings of the usual attendees, but I figured I would also post it here to get everyone’s opinion.

This of course assumes you have an opinion on the MMA fights put on by UFC and the women’s divisions they have started.

The choices are between…

UFC 156 – Aldo vs. Edgar (Feb 2)

Top card is a featherweight fight. Aldo is a striker, where Edgar is an ex-wrestler with more of a ground game. Complete with the dual heads of cauliflower on the sides of his head like he’s from Alderaan. Looks like a standard 145 pound fight.


  • The ticket looks to have only a half dozen listed so far.
  • Not a strong fan of either Aldo or Edgar


  • Rashad Evans fights Antonio Nogueira in the undercard
  • Alistair Overeem fights Antonio Silva in the undercard

UFC 157 – Rousey vs. Cartmouche (Feb 23)

Top card is the first title fight in the women’s ranks. A bantam weight fight between Ronda Rousey (a well-balanced striker and submission fighter) and Liz Cartmouche (a similarly skilled fighter). Looks to be an interesting fight between two equally skilled fighters, not to mention a historical one. Also, I’m interested to see Rousey fight live.


  • Only 4 undercard fights listed
  • Most fights are feather weight and lower


  • Dan Henderson fighting Lyoto Machida in the undercard
  • Chad Mendes fighting Manny Gamburyan in the undercard
  • a couple of strong ground game/submission fights


I’m leaning towards the Rousey fight on the 23rd. Neither of the fights land on or near our actual birthday. By the strength of the ticket I am more interested in the later fight. I am open to debate to change in either direction.

Either way, I will be talking to my son to see what he’d like to see on our menu. Black and Blues will be there no matter what – tradition and all. Instead of cupcakes, we’ll likely see a cake of some sort in there.



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