Rocking in the New Year


Normally my new years follows the patterns of the old folks. Pizza and movies at the house, in bed before midnight. In my defense, we’re old. Seriously. I have grandchildren to prove it!

This year we tried something different. We attended the Acoustic New Year put on by WJJO. With your “special ticket” (read as the full package) you would get two dinners, four drink tickets, a room at the hotel for the night and two event shirts made up in limited quantities. The three bands scheduled to play had two of my favorites and one that I used for the playlist in my November novel. Once finished and published it will hopefully make more sense as to why I used Welcome to My Head by Wayland as one of the theme songs on the playlist.

For those new to the party here, (anyone who isn’t one of my two readers) I use my playlist when writing the first draft. It helps me get into my zone and can block out the rather eclectic (and sometimes eccentric) music played at the coffee shop here in Madison. If you are familiar with this concept from the charity novel, this time it was a single playlist and it was all rock – no country. Partially it is my own limited knowledge of the genre, but also it seems the main character is evolving beyond the man that was his inspiration. Sorry, Dukes.

We had a taco bar dinner, listened to four bands (as a local band was added on as an opening act), had too damn many drinks and took lots of pictures. And by “we took lots of pictures,” I of course mean that I held the camera bag while Robin took lots of pictures. We also spent the entire night at a standing table by the merch booth with a couple around our age from Cambridge. Excellent view of the stage and a place to set our drinks.

We left that night with a new Aranda shirt for our son (since he stayed home with the dog), a Wayland shirt for me, and the older Wayland CD. I picked up the EP with Welcome to My Head the last time they were in Madison. We also went upstairs with far more of a buzz on our hands than we had intended. I blame the bartender that was talking with me about the difference between tending bar at this event versus TeslaCon. Come to think of it, he was in the same corner of the room that Leather Lair was in. Leather Lair being the place that Karina Cooper tricked us into spending money on a really awesome leather vest. It’s the Bermuda Triangle of the Marriott!

Though my wife was “resting” most of New Years Day, we had an excellent time and I would totally do it again. That is providing that someone else is in charge of counting the drinks. I don’t have to stop at four but apparently Mrs. Zombie does. After three or four, keeping count does become challenging. Especially if my number is different than hers.

Below, without comment, are the photos that made her Facebook gallery. I wasn’t sure it was open to the public, so I reproduced it here. That is without the picture she coerced me into posing for. Why I give it and pose like a dork for her I’ll never know. For those interested, I’m sure you can find it with little to no investigation.

As for the gallery, click on them to get the full sized image. Keep in mind Robin was taking these from just in front of the merch booth. There is a benefit to the crazy high res mode to the camera. It fills up terabyte drives like nobody’s business, but you can get some tight shots with it.


One thought on “Rocking in the New Year

  1. You’re not old. If you’re old, then I am ancient. I stayed home for drinks, quirky foodstuffs, movies, and was in bed by 2AM.

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