Snowmageddon 2012

It seems with me backing off on the gorilla themed posts my hits have chilled a bit. At the same time this leaves me the comfort zone to talk about some off the wall crap. Stuff that has little to nothing to do with writing and the like. In this instance, Snowmageddon 2012. Or as the media has dubbed it, Winter Storm Draco. For my part, I’m guessing that means Malfoy is a descendant of white dragons. I suppose that could explain the stark blonde hair.

So I added a gorilla anyway. At least there's snow!

So I added a gorilla anyway. At least there’s snow!

Either way, yesterday was one of the more trying winter days in recent memory. I suppose it is possible I am just getting old. I hear tell the second thing to go is the memory. I can’t remember what the first is.

Wednesday night the snow was supposed to start, with periods of thundersnow. For those of you not in the midwest, this is an instance of rolling thunder and extremely heavy snows. Like 2-3″ per hour. Even though the snow didn’t start between 5:00 and 6:00 like reported, it did start. I feel this was there for the single purpose of lulling us into a false sense of security. The idea the lower 8-12″ report was closer than the earlier 10-16″ report. But we’ll get to that.

I spent the evening taking my son over to my parents house. He is 21 and could have drove himself, but his sedan wouldn’t make it back. He was spending the night there to help them with snow removal. That left us solo, but we live in a condo and the association pays a service to take care of that. I made it home about the same time my wife did from her hair appointment.

By the next morning there was a pretty crazy amount of snow on the ground. We slept through most of the thundersnow. And by that I mean my wife slept through most of it and I would wake from time to time and then go back to sleep. I knew I wasn’t going to be going to work Thursday morning. I preplanned it and took a vacation day. Of course we had a press conference planned, but that was being moved. Or at least they were planning to before the final reports of snowfall levels came in.

By the end of it all we were looking at 20″ of snow on the ground and blizzard condition winds. During the late morning UPS did a dropoff at our condo. I figured if the UPS guy could make it around, my truck could. I offered to go get us lunch and coffee. As a side benefit I figured I could hit the mall to go to the book shop. Getting out of the garage was a challenge as the drifting was already starting, but that is what 4 wheel drive is for. Right? Getting to the BBQ place to grab a couple salads I found both entrances to the road drifted over by the plows. No cars in the lot. Definitely closed. So taco salads it was. The same was the case with Barnes and Nobles. The entire mall by the look of it. Which meant crossing 151 to go through the Starbucks drive through. Getting home I knew I was in for the night. Also we had baking to finish.

As we started baking that night, not to mention cooking our dinner… we had our friends in the other building come over with their baby. It was pretty harsh, but we’re talking 50′ distance. Also, there was a cake to complete. We figured on playing some cards between bakes. Awesome plan. Then there were several flashes of blue-white light from outside and the power went out. Went out and didn’t come back on. A bit of running around and talking to the association board member in the building, we had a report in to the energy company. And about a two hour wait.

We played some cards while we waited. Best not to open too many doors or the refrigerator. Not until we were sure the power was coming back. We had enough candles and a 4″ long slender flashlight that I swear was as good as some floor lamps I’ve seen. Seriously that one mini-flashlight was bright enough for us to play cards. Ironically (not so much) I had just picked up Munchkin Apocalypse. So yeah, guess what we played. A couple hours later the lights came back on. Of course it was too late to finish baking. My wife went to bed and we set up for another round of cards. Before we finished the second game another flashing of blue-white light from outside and the power dropped again.

Fast forward to us finishing the last game and us managing to get them and all their stuff back to their place with the least fuss involved. I stay downstairs as there was no light and a dog with mobility issues. Also, once the lights did come back on someone needed to be there to shut things down. 1:30 in the morning, after about an hour and a half of sleep the dog woke me up. The power had come back on and he wanted to go outside. After shutting everything down (except a couple small lights for him to see with), I went to bed. In a real bed. About 3:30 or so in the morning the dog had been taken out again and was still barking every couple of minutes. I went downstairs and his issue was wanting someone to sleep down by him.

The wind was howling and whistling and the sound coming from our single external wall was like tiny ice zombies battering at the door to get in. The windows would get a little of that action going on from time to time too. We live on a hill, so the blizzard condition winds made our courtyard a wind tunnel. I could see why he wanted someone there.

Come morning (after a little actual sleep) the power was still on and it was time to pack up for work. Looking outside I see our road and driveway to our garages hasn’t been plowed at all and the only sidewalks done were done by condo owners with dogs (and shovels… we only have one of the two). They were there, but it was the first pass. Had there been any start to the task I could have made it out. So even though I had a truck, I was coming in to work late.

Maybe the Mayans were right and this was the beginning of the end. Really it was just the beginning of the end of my patience for the week. Though I will end this with the best apocalypse themed tweet of the day. From Katrina Law (Mira on Spartacus), “Happy Mayan April Fools Day!”


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