The New Playlist

I’m finalizing the new playlist tonight for the NaNoWriMo project. Most of it is In This Moment, but I’m mixing it up a bit. Really it’s just a list so I don’t forget to purchase them tonight and load them on the iPod.

  • Stone Sour – Gone Sovereign/Absolute Zero*
  • Halestorm – I Miss the Misery*
  • In This Moment – Blood
  • In This Moment – The Gun Show
  • In This Moment – Comanche
  • Disturbed – Behind the Fire (tentative)*
  • Bobaflex – Bury Me with My Guns On*
  • Wayland – Welcome to my Head
  • Royal Bliss – Crazy (tentative)*
*denotes the need to purchase

This time around I am pulling back on the country western music. Before I needed it to get into the mind of the new main character, but this time around if I need that I can go back to the same playlist from last time. Or simply play the Ben Dukes album I picked up off iTunes.

What are you listening to this November? Or are you just relying on whatever is playing in the coffee shop?


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