Weekend Wrap-up

As is my way, this weekend was crazy busy. Lots of stuff covering a broad spectrum of subjects. Kind of like my brain on a daily basis. I’ll hit them in talking points style as the coffee hasn’t kicked in yet.

Friday Night Curry and Prometheus

The curry was good. Our friends in the next condo over made it and invited us over for dinner and the movie. I had seen Prometheus in the theater, but my wife had not. I had many of the same issues others had with it. While it was touted as the “prequel to Alien” it really didn’t feel like it. Also, even as just a cool alien ‘splodey movie it was lacking for me in the huge leaps of logic I had to make for the story to work. Seriously, we’re talking pissing off Bruce Banner leaps.

The Engineers have human DNA. Of course they are huge and immensely more physically powerful than us. And they can exist in an atmosphere that is like “sucking on a tailpipe?” Plus, do they even have tailpipes in the future?

The bio-engineered weapons of mass-messyouupness can cause mutations that create the birth of an entirely new race? I would have bought space-zombies before this one.

The caveat here is that I am unusual. Even a bad movie I can sit through (especially if it is a pretty movies, which this was). At the very least I can look at the story line, the plot, the characters and get an idea of what not to do. Plus, on a 46″ HDTV everything looks pretty damned sweet.

Casa de Zombie Looks the Part

In picking up for Burgers Beers and Beatdowns 153 (notice the change in number to reflect the UFC fight) we put up our holiday decorations. For those unfamiliar with the Casa de Zombie traditions, “holiday decorations” has nothing to do with generalizing the holidays to be PC. Our Halloween decorations get different treatments and serve as our Christmas decorations as well. I’ll include some photos later.

For the record, if you are a friend and I know the holiday you celebrate, I will change my greeting appropriately. Just like on November 11th I wish a Happy Birthday to every marine I know. Political correctness for me is knowing what your holidays are and greeting you accordingly. Just like if you know what my holidays are if I wish you a happy holiday in my culture, reacting like I just shat on your loafers is obviously not my intent. Unless of course your culture is one where loafer shatting is a sign of respect.

Wow. That just got a little dark, didn’t it? 😉

Birthday Party

It was one of our granddaughter’s birthdays this past weekend, so we took the Little Mermaid cake my wife sculpted for her and went to her party. (Remember, I bake. Sculpting and decorating is Mrs. Zombie.) Granted “party” means going to my mother-in-law’s house and having cake and presents with her cousins, aunts and uncles. Still, we had to wait for the late-comers.

Burgers Beers and Beatdowns

The birthday earlier in the day kept me from completing cupcakes. I would have baked them during the undercard fights, but the curry neighbors brought a spiced pumpkin pie with them. That said, mozzarella stuffed meatballs, pasta and other goodies were done in time. I also didn’t mistakenly order the pay-per-view in Spanish this time.

A dozen people, more beer drank this time around and some incredible undercard fights made this event. The Silva/Bonnar fight was a quick one, solid and exciting… but quick. Had the earlier fights not been as riveting as they were, I might have felt bad about spending the money on the PPV.

The Walking Dead

Really, does anything need to be said here? Other than my wife watched it upstairs while I was hosting game night, so didn’t watch it with me? Glad to be back in season.

A New Book – A Local Book

A while back a coworker had suggested a book written by a pair of local authors. Deck Z: The Titanic. Yup, zombies on a boat. I picked it up while at Barnes & Noble in print because they are local authors. That means it isn’t too far-fetched that a physical copy could be signed. I’ll review it later, but will be reading it soon.

A Book I’ve Been Pimping Like It Owes Me Money

Velveteen by Daniel Marks came out as well. It is a Young Adult book that centers around a teen girl who was killed by a serial killer and is now in Purgatory. She is part of a team that investigates disturbances in Purgatory caused by things in the real world. It’s dark, gritty and snarky. Everything I love in a book. You should pick up a copy or twelve. Seriously. Go do it now. I’ll wait.

Cupcakes… Finally

I did manage to make the Ryzkahl cupcakes before the weekend was over. Ancho spiced chocolate cake, cayenne laced ganache filling and white chocolate cream cheese frosting. I needed something for game night and I am bringing one along for Heather Brewer at the start of her Second Chance tour Tuesday the 16th in Oconomowoc. I actually did this twice as I wasn’t happy with the first batch. They were okay, but could have been better. The second batch was better.

I’ll have more on the Second Chance release party in Oconomowoc later.


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