A New Day

This morning marked the first time in over fifteen years that I didn’t turn back from driving the foggy streets in the morning. I took the back way towards the Victory this morning and as I went up and down the rolling hills and past the fields, the fog covered a good chunk of it. Rivers of mist flowed around the hills and through the dips. The hazy tops of hills stood out like little islands of plant growth in the sea of fog.

For the first time since the car accident that knocked the sense out of me and stole over 4 years worth of memory from me I didn’t respond to the site with quickening breath, adrenaline and skirting the edge of a panic attack. I looked at it and saw the beauty of it.

Don’t get me wrong, I may still freak out if the road visibility shoots down to nothing while I’m in a car. Even still, this is an improvement that I’ve been waiting for. I used to really love foggy mornings along the rolling hills of Wisconsin. Maybe someday I will again.


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