Last Chance to Maul

There is a final push to hit the Camp NaNoWriMo fundraising goal. On a more personal level there is a last effort shove to put me from second to the top slot as a fundraiser. What can I say, I’m a competitive bastard. In the spirit of this I have some math for y’all and a listing of my final offers for donors.

The Math…

According to the last email from the organizers, if 30% of my Facebook friends donated enough to “prebuy” a copy of the story (that’s $5 to you and me) it would make up the difference to put them over goal (and increase my donations by more than double). The same would go for around 6% of my Twitter followers. When you look at it that way, it seems to be a totally possible goal. Doing it in about 60 hours is a bit of a challenge.

I can’t promise the next Harry Potter, but I can assure you a horror story set in Madison, WI with a detective who moonlights as a monster hunter, a country western singing version of Desperado (in a pair of aviators) and a collection of friends, family and followers mauled by zombies. Oh yeah… and bath salt addicted zombies. No, I’m not kidding. (It’s fiction, I can ignore toxicology reports.)

That leads us to the offers. Otherwise known as “what you get for helping Zombie Joe out.”

A Care Package

Anyone donating before Saturday night (let’s say 8pm CT), send me your mailing address and the detective in the story will send you a care package. This is serious. The goodies are relating to the protagonist.

A Copy of the Book

Any donation $5 or more will still get you a copy of the ebook once published. Depending on rewrites, editing and the cover art I am shooting for early August release, just before Authors After Dark in New Orleans. Since I am doing all of the production, it all depends on how much I think it’s crap on the first pass-through.

Maul a Friend/Volunteer as a Victim

Anyone donating at least $10 can choose the Maul a Friend option, or simply offer themselves up as a victim. Now it will just be a small scene where a monster eats you, but I put a couple of placeholders in there. If I can’t write you in during the final scenes I’m pushing through, I’ll add you in during the edits.

The more you donate in, the more people you can have mauled. Or, should the opportunity be there, the larger role the character I name after you will have. I may or may not have left one or two hunters unnamed for just such an occasion.

Youth Writing Contest

In the event that I take the top spot, I will solidify and announce a youth writing contest. With prizes! If any of you published authors out there are interested in helping to judge, let me know.

Playlist to Random Donor

In the event I take the top spot on the pledge pages, I will choose a random donor from all donors (including even the very first donors) and will send one of them at random the playlist. I believe this will require you to have an iTunes account. If I make my original goal of $500 donors I will send out two playlists, one from each protagonist.

My Gratitude

Seriously, I appreciate everyone supporting this. If you think you might know others interested in it, send it out to them as well. Of course if sheer numbers bury me in requests care packages may take on a different note and will take a bit longer to get out. The more time I spend doing shipping the less time I’ll have for editing.

Thanks again to all who’ve already donated and all the rest of you for sitting through this shameless plug. 😉

EDIT: Adding easy link to donate. Click Here


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