Season Two Goals

Season 2 of Change Write Now is in session, but that means a new set of goals. It also means a new set of teammates and a new team name. For my part the challenge remains the same. I didn’t take a week’s “vacation” even though we weren’t tracking points. I even caught hell for telling Corrine Jackson how many calories a small Shamrock Shake from McDonalds has. (Hint: It is obscene!)

For the record though, here are my goals this season…

Eating Healthy – 25 points

This is one of the big point catchers, and is my real motivation in this challenge. I am currently using an app called Lose It that determines my calories for the day. I agree that attaching numbers to weight loss can have a detrimental side effect, so I am not going to state how much I want to lose. Maybe an analogy… approximately the same weight as one of my grandchildren.

In this season, at my current weight my goal has been lowered to 2290 calories per day. In addition, I am splitting that up as 5 meals a day. Two of those meals consist of a tub of Chobani Greek yogurt and maybe a piece of fruit, but they are meals none-the-less. In short, eat like a hobbit limited to 2290 calories per day.

Exercising – 25 points

For me, a spinal surgery has placed some limitations on what I can do. My goal is to get back to the point where I can have a health club membership and use it. In addition to the health goals I need to meet first, this will also involve a budgetary goal. What this means is that I take my dog (who is also old and needs the exercise) on a 20-30 minute walk when I get home. If I cannot do that, I fit time in to walk myself sometime during the day. I work in a university athletics stadium, that shouldn’t be too much a stretch for me.

Sleep 6 Hours – 10 points

Full disclosure here, I am one of a small number of people that don’t sleep 8 hours. Never have been. Six hours is my normal sleep schedule. Earlier in my adult life when I was working two different full time jobs I was going on four hours. Now if I am sick, all bets are off and I sleep in. Otherwise, I am a six hour guy. That said, meeting six hours is not a real problem for me. Since the start of this year I was only hit with insomnia once and that was during the week break in the seasons. I have found that diet and water keep the insomnia in line. Not sure how, but I’m not complaining.

Consuming 64oz of Water – 10 points

Recently in answer to budgetary limits (self-imposed) I have found that I am able to go 2-3 at least without coffee. This not only allows me to buy a big assed latte when I do go, but also means I’m drinking water in the morning instead of coffee. Also I only really have a can of soda every couple of days as well. This forces my hand a bit on the water, although I do also drink juices and smoothies at home.

The trick for me was taking one of my 32oz V8 bottles, washing it out, and using it for water. I fill it in the morning and when it is emptied I walk down to the arena (longer walking that out to the kitchen on our floor) to hit the restroom and refill the bottle at the drinking fountain in the field house. It has the added bonus of being good, clean, cold water as opposed to the kitchen which has a real metallic taste. I refill the bottle once or twice through the day. (Sometimes I’ll dump the last half of a bottle, rinse it and refill it.)

Check In with Teammates – 10 points

I try and do a check in first thing in the morning to make sure I hit it. Having a smart phone has helped as I can check the email on lunch or the like. If there is something huge coming up (like last month with my birthday) I go on a bit longer to have someone give me the kick in the pants to stay in line. I also try and help kick others in the pants as well. Last season I was a bit nervous being one of the rare guys in the challenge, but my team really banded together so this season I’m not nervous at all.

Adopt a Good Habit – 10 points

Originally I had decided to place this as reading for at least 30 minutes a day. I had also played with cutting my television watching in half. I may still work on those two, but this season I wanted to do something a bit more fun. So in keeping with the theme of “It’s a Great Day for America” I am vowing to spend 10-20 minutes a day practicing the harmonica. That way, in the event that I publish and appear on Craig Ferguson’s show I can wow everyone with my mouth organ skills. (Yeah, that sounds wrong, but that’s what makes it funny.)

Losing a Bad Habit – 10 points

For this season I am going to be improving my organization. I know, it sounds like picking up a good habit but I see it as losing some of my clutter. Clutter is a real problem in my world. I run game night on Sundays for my friends, so the table minis, maps and books tend to clutter up the living room for days after the event. I’ve decided to put an end to that because it bugs me. So in light of that I will spend 20 minute every day organizing or picking up. That means cleaning up my den/library, organizing the book shelf with the new books, doing dishes, putting away the gaming table and accessories, etc.

New Goals in Effect NOW!

I am switching my Good Habit/Bad Habit as of today, which will start with me picking up a harmonica on my way home. Lucky for me my wife is staying in Milwaukee tonight, she gets to miss the first day of harmonica practice.

What are your goals? Does this sound like something you would be interested in? Keep it in mind for Season 3, it costs you nothing but the will to change your habits and get healthy. (Wow, that sounded a little preachy… even to me. It’s not that bad, really.)

One thought on “Season Two Goals

  1. Sounds great!

    I’m on round 2 as well. I now habitually take a multivitamin (good habit from round 1) and have kicked daily Pepsi (bad habit). For this round, I’m packing my lunch daily (good habit) and cutting coffee to 2 cups/day (bad habit: turns out I replaced Pepsi with excessive coffee). I do Weight Watchers and although I’m a slow loser, I’m consistent: 9 lbs in 9 weeks. Also, I’ve met some really cool people and have a whole lot of new books on my TBR list.

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