You’re Doing It Wrong

Last week on Twitter there was an odd interaction with an author. It led to one of the more awesome promotional ideas I’ve seen in a long time. Which for some reason (I’m blaming the cold I am currently fighting off like a mongol horde) led me to the statement of “If this doesn’t make sense to you, you’re doing it wrong.” Clearly an addled brain mash-up of an Internet meme, but hopefully it convinced people to check it out.

This isn’t to say that no other author is doing anything similar. It also isn’t to say that no other authors should do this. This is just my account of one that is awesome. It’s also my reminder to myself to put an entry into this one. But now, I’m just addling your brain as much as mine.

In short, Amber Benson asked Twitter followers for a favorite word and a number. She took the chosen entries from those and formed them into a challenge to get 77 reviews of Serpent’s Storm – book 4 in the Calliope Reaper-Jones series. The challenge (for us, the collective readers) is to fit the word “chicken” into the review as much as possible. The winner gets a Skype lunch of disgusting foods with Amber Benson. The only sure thing I recall seeing is that chocolate covered ants would be involved. You can get all the information over at her blog post on the challenge.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love me a signed book. And if there is an ARC involved, I’m there (assuming I am caught up on the series in question). That said, there is a definite allure to something as eclectic as “Skype Lunch of Disgusting Food” as a prize. I guess my high school creative writing teacher was right… I am eccentric.

The magic number 77 comes into play for a challenge on the author. Once she reaches the magic number of 77 she is posting a video of her singing one of two songs that readers choose from. This is similar to her first challenge of 85 reviews and she’d post a video of her doing the macarena. This right here is one of the reasons Amber Benson is on the list of my favorite authors – her willingness to do something fun and potentially embarrassing to promote her books.

Either that or I simply like watching people embarrass themselves. Come to think of it, Truth or Dare Week was my favorite week on the YA Rebels channel on YouTube.

As it took me a while to formulate this post, I will be getting back into the swing of things in the next day or so. That means I am going to be tweaking my format of the blog (and hopefully convincing my wife to finally hook me up with some graphics), and posting some recipes and information from my Change Write Now challenge going on.

For now, I am going to start rereading Serpent’s Storm.


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