Eat Soup, Read a Book

Really I had some incredibly insightful stuff to post about cooking soup and focusing on my diet this past week. But much like when I was making the soup last night, the further I get away from a “meal” the less my brain seems to want to behave. I explained it today as being like a hobbit. You know; breakfast, second breakfast, elevensies, luncheon, afternoon tea… the whole nine yards.

In lieu of anything insightful, I will announce a little change to my blog postings. Not really a change so much as a backup. I’m going to start posting recipes that I’m using including the calorie count that I’m getting for them. I’ll start with the pasta fagouli and probably the devil’s food cupcakes. That is all a moot point as it will likely happen this weekend. I have some big plans over the next 24 hours – not the least of which being getting the new graphics and such for this site.

As far as the “read a book” goes, I have three books I’ve really been looking forward to (two of which I’m already finished with) and one I took up for a book club. It’s non-fiction, but it’s one my wife would be interested in. But that’s not the real reason I included it here. The real reason is to let you know about a contest going on for one of those authors.

Bitten by Books is hosting a chat with Diana Pharaoh Francis along with a giveaway. I really enjoy the series and look forward to each new book that comes out. I could say tons more, but I would hate to spoil anything in the books for you. The series (The Horngate Witches) revolves around a witch and a college roommate she turned into a night-dwelling bodyguard known as a shadowblade. The world building in this series is pretty awesome, and the characters are surprising in how much you start to like them – even the bastards.

Go forth, read more on the series, pick up the books, ask the author questions… just click on the Bitten by Books link above.

As always, included below are my stats for the day…

Change Write Now (1/12/12)

  • Food – within 100 calories
  • Water – right at 64oz
  • Exercise – walking
  • Writing – at least 500 words
  • Good Habit – wrote, all meals home made
  • Bad Habit – didn’t weight myself


  • Reading (print) – Silver Tongued Devil by Jaye Wells
  • Reading (Nook) – The Power of Less
  • Writing – naughty project take three

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