Change Write Now

It’s pretty awful timing (in my opinion) but I’m starting a new group lifestyle change tag team. It is kind of like the ROW80 challenge (that mostly worked for me) but with a team aspect that was used in GISHWHES. I didn’t want to have a New Years Resolution, which is the question of the poor timing. For me the New Years thing tends not to work. This time it is slightly different in that there is a team and my motivation is to have the ability to keep doing the things I like to do – camp, travel, attend conventions, hunt, etc.

The rules are pretty straightforward…

  • Eating healthy (pick a healthy diet plan and stick with it)
  • Exercise – 20 minutes/day
  • Sleep – 6 hours (must be in bed, lights/tv/radio off)
  • Water – 64 oz.
  • Communicate with your teammates at least once/day
  • Adopt one good habit
  • Lose one bad habit

For me some of this is a bit nebulous. Namely the habits portion and the sleep. My entire life I have never slept eight hours. Through high school I worked around 40 hours most weeks, took Tae Kwon Do classes 2-3 times a week and went to school. I’d be up reading or doing homework until around 1:00-1:30 and then I would get up before my father so I could take a shower before school. If I sleep more than 8 hours it is usually a sign that I am pretty sick. Six hours is not really my minimum but my goal. And then I got old.

Which is to say I reached an age where an injured spine and other factors in an aging body keep me from sleeping through a night. I usually will wake up at least twice a night. Realistically its probably three.

That same spinal injury really has the control on the “exercise” portion of my program. What I really need is a treadmill or bike, but I have no real room for it in the condo. So I do mall walking during the winter. This really is boring as hell unless you have someone walking with you. And even that is questionable. The first two days of the year and this challenge and it was questionable if I could walk, much less walk for 20-30 minutes straight. Yesterday I had to stay home from a planned trip and I asked my wife to dig out my cane for me. It got better, but I am still stiff as hell today and hurting, but a manageable hurt.

All that aside, I have a new app on my iPad called Lose It. It manages tracking your food and counts the caloric intake for you. It doesn’t have everything under the sun in there, but its easy enough to add something if you know the nutritional information for it. It will also factor in exercise in the mix for you and give you an estimated date of when you should hit your goal weight. It’s pretty slick. Also, my wife is using it so it helps things out if I am too.

Anything that it doesn’t factor in (like 64 oz of water in a day) the other rules for Change Write Now do. Which brings me to the most nebulous of the rules. Adopting a Good Habit and quitting a Bad Habit.

Good Habit

For me this is a fairly easy one. It’s one I held onto for most of the past couple of months, and I want to keep going with it. I will write each day for at least the 20-30 minutes I should be walking. This isn’t blog posts or Facebook notes either. This is actual fiction for use in submission, or as sparks towards submission. In reality the number I am shooting for is 1-2 hours a day. Preferably in 1 or 2 sittings.

Bad Habit

I would like to say skipping my writing when I don’t feel well, but that really is what the Good Habit is about. And even though it is technically one of the existing rules I’m going food based here. I will eat only healthy foods during writing group. The heavy dinner I eat there will put a hurting on this challenge. Since this really is covered in the other rules, I’ll add on a rider to this one. I’ll also not spend more than my $10 a month budget on books. This should be easily manageable with the amount of Barnes and Noble gift cards I am applying towards Nook books for the upcoming year. My $10 a month will go only towards books I really want to own in print. Like Sins of the Demon, just released by Diana Rowland today. (Forgive the shameless plug, but… well… it is my blog.)

Reading Today: Shadow City by Diana Pharoh Francis

Writing Today: Second Short Story for an anthology submission

Edit: Holy monkeys! I totally forgot the team name. I suggested it due to be tired, but the name grew on me the more people liked it… The Undead Poets Society.  🙂


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