A Couple New Steps

Or… How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Set Myself Up To Succeed

Although only a smidgen of this is related to writing, this really is my latest Sunday update for ROW80. In all honesty, I don’t see Wednesday blog entries happening much due to my very full Wednesday schedule. Hell, Thursday blog entries are iffy at best. But Sunday? I can rock that shit all day long! Well, at least for a while.

At this point, most of you who are still reading (and why are you?) are probably rather confused. I should explain. No… that will take to long. I will sum up.

Sunday D&D is on Hiatus – Although more a condition of the semester classes for two of the players, this really does help me out with getting my writing project in order. Either that, or half my group has decided I am just a dick and have stopped showing up. It really is a toss up. 😉

Thursdays Mean Condo Association – Or at least they have this past month. For those of you not familiar with life in a condo, your association does run the risk of turning into a schoolyard brawl at times. Which is far less amusing than a ballroom blitz. Lucky for me most of the people in our community don’t know what I write. Hell, they probably think I can barely read.

None of this really addresses my ROW80 goals though, so here are my goals that I have met this past week. Next week I am focusing on technical manual reading and getting through the rest of my outline for the upcoming WIP. This may or may not include organizing a launch party for NaNoWriMo.

Weekly Goals Met

  • Part Two of Serial Story Read – Although I think I may read through it again. I have been a little distracted these past couple weeks.
  • New Zombie Book Purchased – Not sure when I will get around to reading it though.
  • Ghost Anthology Reviewed – I need to run a pass through it before I can submit it though. That will be my Monday goal.
  • First 4 Chapters WIP Outlined – This is including all relevant character sketches.

Other Factors Relating (in part) to Writing

  • Tech Set Up – Worked out all bugs with the new tech and am just waiting on getting my friend Blaine over to make sure I am not missing anything.
  • Tech Books Purchased – Namely one on the new iPad (mostly for my wife) and HTML 5 (mostly for me). Just need to find time to read them and do exercises.
  • Pantry/Baking Shelf Organized – My pantry looks like a true anal retentive organized it now. Baking Shelf is about half there. Spice shelf is the last to be addressed (which will alter baking shelf somewhat).
  • Kitchen Organized – We are finally using the cabinet with the sliding pot shelf for the shelf and reorganized everything from when we first moved in. All tupperware is in the same place so all the bottoms are with the tops. (And no… not in that way. Ya bunch of pervs.)

The final result being that I am keeping up on my writing. My reading is dipping low as a result to awesome (yet inspiring) movies and television that is featured during my favorite time of the year. And finally my house is feeling not only like it is starting to embrace Halloween (as it should), but organized to the point where I think I can step into my WIP without having to look back too often. Also prep for meals and leftovers/prepared meals for lunches are an actual possibility now – starting with the three gallons or so of chicken soup I made last night.


2 thoughts on “A Couple New Steps

  1. Hey, someone else may not think that an organized kitchen matters, but I’m living in a 1088 square foot condo (oh yes, the association!) and it fraking matters a lot. So I’m impressed! We’ve been here a year and it still takes me far longer than it should. . . but I digress.

    Keeping up on the writing is what it is all about. Yes, ROW80 is flexible and understands you have a life, but I also say (in public, yet) that I want time to write, too.

    I have had to postpone some of the blog posts, just to have energy for everything else, and I’ve seen others in the ROW80 participants do the same, especially with NaNo looming. Best of luck with that, by the by.

    I think you’re doing great! Have a great rest of the week!

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