Public Authorin’

For this past Sunday I posted my goals met with setting up my laptop replacement in the iPod. The reason for it is so that I can do remote writing, public authorin’, or whatever you feel like calling it. I assure you that this is not another “Neil Gaiman’s Gazebo” instance, but a needed and necessary tool for getting my job done. You know, everyone works different and all that. But fear not, I will back this up with evidence.

I live in a 1600+ square foot condo. Two bedrooms and a den. Plenty of places to write, right? Assume that my twenty year old son will leave me be to do my writing (which he likely will), and that leaves my other distractions.

My wife (when she is home and not at work or staying in Milwaukee to lighten the driving time) is one of those people that needs to be doing something. If there is something on television she’s not into, she’ll find something to do. Often enough what she finds to do can be loud. Television is not that big of a deal. Most of the time I am watching something on the DVR and can pause it or come back to it. Writing… not so easy to pause. In her defense she hasn’t really interrupted me while writing since the last time I mentioned it to her. To help this out I have adopted public authorin’.

My dog on the other hand is not nearly so understanding. He’s an old dog, so most of the time he is content to just sit there and snore while I am visit the crazy talking people in my head. But if he get’s it in his noodle he wants to get up and go outside he wants to do it… NOW! Don’t get me wrong, he is a smart dog. Part of me though wants to believe he is getting doggie dementia in his old age, because if not him looking at me and barking constantly while I am putting on my shoes to take him out means that he is a real asshole of a dog.

Then again it is possible that he has taken to messing with me. For his entire life when we went to bed he would come upstairs and sleep in our bedroom. Before our son became a teenager, he slept in his. When met with a closed door he would turn around and head to our room – which has been the last five years or so. While we had the Italian student staying with us, he took to sleeping in the living room. Since Mike was sleeping in the den, he felt the need to sleep in the living room. Now that he is back in Italy, it’s like he splits time. But that isn’t the worst…

Several times a week the dog will come upstairs and stand outside the bedroom door. The worst was when the door was open a crack and instead of nudging it open and coming in (as he has done in the past) he just peeked in from the crack. You could almost hear him saying, “Heeeeeeere’s Johnny!” Every time he does this though he simply stares at us for a while, turns around and goes back downstairs. It’s like if Paranormal Activity was produced by Animal Planet. Creepy damned dog.

The standing answer (more so than my dog’s new found creeper ways) is that I can concentrate more in a coffee shop than I can at home. My wife has no idea how I can write with the blenders going and such. Honestly, it shocks me a bit too. The key is that none of the people or things going on in the coffee shop matter to me. Add that to having a limited amount of my stuff along with me to distract me and the words flow. Well, that and that dog just creeps me out sometimes.


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