Back on the ROW Path

Although I missed the Wednesday update, I am happy to say that the goals are back on track better than I could have hoped for. Which is to say that the iPad that was scheduled to reach my door on the 19th arrived Wednesday. I arranged to have my mother (who is retired) come to my condo and wait to sign for the package. Even with being stuck at work all day Thursday and a condo association meeting most of Thursday night, I was still able to have the iPad set up and working by Friday.

Our new wireless printer also came in which I can print to right from the iPad. I couldn’t have asked for a better setup. This means I can print manuscripts right from the iPad to take to my writing group without having to juggle it through Dropbox. I’ll still have to do that come time for editing and revising, but that was to be expected.

Also, I found a link to Storyist for the Mac or more specifically the Storyist iPad app on the NaNoWriMo site. Aside from the fact that I do not have a Mac and just got the iPad, I can’t really come up with a reason I had not seen this before. Even in the blog post from Chuck Wendig that made me first consider using this as my laptop replacement, he hadn’t been able to list any apps with potential like Scrivener. Of course my setup is slightly different than his.

iPad2 32GB – Originally I was thinking the 16GB – hell, originally I was thinking the iPad 16GB. The faster processing in the new ones convinced me to get the newer model. Being that I was going to be spending the money on the newer model, it made sense to get the 32GB version for the room to grow. The 64GB version just seemed excessive. (No matter what my brother-in-law says.)

Apple Wireless Keyboard – Chuck used a “camera adapter” to connect a USB keyboard, but the wireless one not only eliminates any dangling cords for remote usage, it also minimizes power draw on the unit as well as gives me a lower profile peripheral to take out with me to the coffee shop.

Leather Smart Cover – I wasn’t too thrilled about spending more on the leather cover vs. the poly-carbonite-unobtanium one, but the leather covers have decent colors. The pastels of the affordable covers makes your iPad look like a flattened Easter egg. What the smart cover does as well as… uh… cover the damn thing… is roll into a small wedge that will act as an stand for you. This eliminates the need to throw a metal one in your case that will get you stopped by TSA. Every time.

A/V Adapter – This HDMI converter is the one truly frivolous thing I picked up. Don’t get me wrong, I will totally use it to display on our HD TV from the iPad, but the real idea to pick this up came from a party where we were trying to display a slideshow on a television from someone’s iPad. We had no way to do it, so were left with damn near 20 people huddled around a tablet.

HP Wireless Color Laser Printer – Really this is something for our office, not really portable. But I cannot express how happy I was when I found out I could print directly from the iPad. Seriously. I had to get a mop.

Currently my apps include a Facebook app (mildly annoyed with it), a Twitter app (works great), Dropbox, Get Glue (a whim during Walking Dead), the Nook app and the Storyist app. This gives me access to 95% of the things I will likely ever need on the iPad. The Nook app I don’t even really need, but is nice to have if I ever am traveling and only want to bring one unit with me. Not sure if the backlit screen will be as nice for long term reading as the Nook itself.

Grand total cost of apps – $9.95 otherwise known as the cost of the Storyist Software.

I even took to using the Notes feature for taking notes during our local RWA meeting on Saturday (even though we are no longer going to be a chapter of the RWA), and used Storyist to start character profiles and pencil in the start of an outline for my November project.

So on the goals, my laptop has been cleaned up and given over to my step-daughter. The printer will follow eventually now that we have the wifi one set up. My short story has been finished and “put to bed” so that I can work unhindered on the November large scale manuscript. The iPad is set and ready to go with remote writing (which I REALLY need to do again). So everything is on track. For this next couple of weeks I am going to complete the critique and review I have sitting in my “Inbox” as well as complete character profiles and an outline for the November project. This includes every weekday going to a coffee shop and writing for my research or a blog post.

Next entry… the story behind my “Remote Writing” agenda.

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