ROW 80 – Post 2

It seems that real life is kicking me in the shins already. That’s right, I am already adjusting short term goals. But honestly, not too badly and I hear that is the nature of ROW80 – identify when real life gets in the way and adjust.

My short story I was finishing is completed, but not in the hands of any readers. With all of us working towards getting ready for NaNo and no set deadline (in other words, no set direction for submission) on it, the story can wait until we are back on our set critique schedule in my writing group.

The iPad is a different story. It is ordered, but the expected ship date is the 18th. Probably due to me taking advantage of the free engraving they offer on them. I figured with more people at work getting them, best to have an easy way to identify mine. Of course a zombie skin would do the same thing, but… uh… free. So I won’t have the new mobile computing device set up this week, but I will have it long before NaNo starts. Also, I bribed my friend from the Apple store to come over for dinner and give me and my wife a tutorial on it (like the one he was giving in the store the other day). I could probably figure it out having had a smart phone the past couple of years, but my wife is getting one at work and loves to figure out all the fun stuff to do right away.

I have also been meeting my goal of simplifying life a bit. My condo has excellent walk in closets. At the same time, my wife keeps more clothes than I do. She is more corporate administration than I will ever be, so this makes sense. Of course that also means that I have somewhere around half the space she does in our closet. Our son even lost a shelf/bar in his to costumes she’s saved. Honestly my wardrobe is the same dozen or so t-shirts, six or so dress/denim shirts and several pairs of jeans. I have a few ties and a suit, but really most of what I am wearing are the t-shirts, jeans and denim shirts with the odd hoodie or flannel for the winter months.

How is this simplifying? I went through my closet space this weekend and threw out (donated actually) anything I haven’t worn in over a year. Seasonal and it just hasn’t gotten cold enough (in other words flannels that I use as my winter jacket), I kept it. Otherwise, it went into the donation bag. That left me more than enough room to hang all of my dress shirts and denim shirts (which I used to not do), set up shelf space for zombie related t-shirts as well as non-zombie shirts and pants. I even had a small space left to hang the ten or so Badger shirts I have for the sidelines – not that I’m on the sidelines anymore.

You may think this has little to do with writing, but in reality it does. Simplifying life, making my morning routine easier and uncluttering my space all works towards uncluttering my mind. It will also serve to keep my wife happy as November is traditionally a month for when I am there physically, I may not be there mentally. More so than usual.

I also started reading an anthology to review for Wicked Little Pixie that features some local authors. It also features a character from one of my favorite vampire books in contemporary literature even though the anthology is about ghost hunters. When I had time to sit down and concentrate (and had the space to bust out the red pen) I worked on a critique on a short story serial. If you want to pick up part one of the story (for free), head on over to Megan Hart’s blog for the download.


3 thoughts on “ROW 80 – Post 2

  1. I love ROW, especially the opportunity to encourage one another.

    I’ve thought of signing up for NaNo, but it would be impractical this year. I have, however, set November 30 as the deadline for the first draft of my children’s chap book. I should be able to handle that. It has been on the back burner too long.

    I agree with you about the connection between simplifying life and becoming more productive with our writing. In fact, one of my blogs is dedicated to that very subject.

    An iPad, huh? I’m a tad jealous. My son bought an iPhone for his trip to Europe this past summer. He loves it.

    Anyhoo…all the best with your writing goals.


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