Round of Words in 80 Days

The Journey is one that includes NaNoWriMo (for good or for ill), but this time around I am going to wrap up NaNo into the Round of Words in 80 Days project. My goal for this 80 days is to complete a full sized novel and work through one pass of edits and rewrites. I am figuring first draft of 85-100k by the middle of December.

Don’t get me wrong, I love NaNoWriMo and I will totally still be participating in it. But at the same time I need something longer term. I don’t want a 50k first draft that never sees print. Hell, how many NaNos even print out all the pages of their manuscript? I want to finish a spec manuscript for my chosen genre and get a first pass of editing so I have something with real potential. Realistically that is a goal that will take more than 30 days.

With this being the first post of this round of ROW80, my goal has been met for this Wednesday. I threw my hat in the ring and set the destination. For my Friday post I am shooting for having my Hope-Apocalyptic short story complete in both forms (1st and 3rd person versions) and in the hands of my critique partners here locally. Ultimately my goal is to have this done before Supernatural on Friday night. I got me some Winchesters to watch.

By next Wednesday my goal is to have everything from my old laptop (that I am cleaning off for my step-daughter to have) set up on my new desktop and ready to go. By next Friday I will have my iPad in and set up for remote writing, have my documents backed up for access from the desktop or the iPad and cleared any lingering story ideas from “the queue” so that I can start outlining the ROW80 project and have it ready to go (all outlining and research done) for the November 1st start of NaNoWriMo.

Ambitious? Probably. Insane? Most definitely. Something I feel after this past year that I really need to do? Exactly.

Ultimately the final End Game is to take this project for sale at either the next RT, or similar writing convention. Although honestly I am thinking Authors After Dark in New Orleans is going to be the convention next year. I may just have to query agents separate from conventions. But that is next session of ROW80.


2 thoughts on “Round of Words in 80 Days

  1. Good to meet you, ZombieJoe. Ambitious goals, but doable. I did the file organization thing (both paper and electronic) last Round, and although it was hell, it was so worthwhile.

    I totally agree with you about NaNo–my biggest problem is that it is like writing a Ph.D. dissertation at a lot of schools–“here, go write this and come back in seven years,” without any support of what to do with this pile of paper that would break one’s foot if dropped on it.

    I peeked at your bio; you have lots and lots of overlap with me, you poor thing! There are a lot of us ROW80ers who have evil day jobs, kids, and karma, so you will find lots of understanding here.

    I’m looking forward to getting to know you during this round.

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