Happy Birthday!

Honestly this is more akin to the way Frosty the Snowman would proudly proclaim “Happy Birthday!” every time someone put that top hat of his on. I know, the title and one sentence explanation has confused you. Allow me to explain… no, that will take to long… allow me to sum up. My Life as a White Trash Zombie by Diana Rowland released today. In celebration of this (and since my wife forgot to take the remaining devils food cupcakes to work this morning) I am indulging in birthday cake.

In case one of my wife’s team members are reading this… don’t sweat it. I’ll make a new batch tonight after writer’s group.

First thing you need to know is the challenge. Remember how Amber Benson said if she had 85 reviews on her book posted to Amazon she would take herself singing the Macarena and post it up? This is similar but infinitely cooler. Diana has proclaimed that if White Trash Zombie makes the New York Times Bestseller List that she will get herself inked with the I Love Brains tattoo from the cover. This alone would get me to buy it, but I am kind of an ass that way. For the rest of you, I have included a short review of the book. (And yes, I have been sitting on this a couple of weeks. Don’t judge!)

My Life as a White Trash Zombie

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I heard about this book last year during during the Romantic Times convention. Diana was talking about the newest book she was working on about a white trash zombie who gets a job as a morgue tech for easy access to brains. I know it’s shocking, but the an unpolitically correct story about a zombie is totally up my alley. Also, being a huge fan of the Kara Gillian series by Rowland I have been waiting impatiently for this book to release.

The book opens with Angel waking up in the hospital. She was brought in as a suspected overdose victim. Her scattered memories and the mysterious package left for her at the hospital hint at something entirely different. Now don’t accuse me of spoiling the book for you, but she has been turned into a zombie. Of course the reason why she has been turned into a zombie and who her mysterious mentor is keeps you hanging through the ending of the book. In fact the majority of the book is about how being turned into a zombie is one of the best things that has ever happened to her.

Also a good deal of the buildup is world-building. Namely, introducing you to what it means to be a zombie in this book series. It also lays the groundwork for how the zombies abilities and weaknesses work. The author takes the difficult situation of having to make a zombie likable and excels at it. By the end of the story I was really rooting for her.

This brings me to the end of the story. As I insinuated in an above comment, I will not spoil the story. George R.R. Martin may threaten to put a spoilers head on a pike, but the author in question on this series has certifications maintaining her aim and ability with deadly weapons. (According to her own bio she has worked in the police force among other jobs.) That being said, I will say that her ending took me by surprise. My expectation is for an ending (even one with a twist) to be along the lines of the direction I thought the story was going. Rowland caught me on this one, marking it as one of my favorite reads so far this season.

I will over the caveat that this is a story about zombies. Those with a weak constitution should be forewarned. Even if you are a little skittish at the thought of brain-eating zombies, I would urge you to read this as you might very well be surprised at the extent to which you enjoy the novel. Mrs. Zombie (who is ironically not a fan of the gore) is chomping at the bit to read my copy of it.

Easily I will give this one a full 5 dancing zombies out of 5. If you want to go the Slayer route on it, Faith calls this one 5-by-5. No matter what pop culture reference you use, it is easily worth the money. To prove that fact, even with my library budget tight I am going to stop tonight and  purchase a retail copy. Normally I would consider this one for a Nook purchase, but that cover art is just to damn good to pass up!


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