Encounters Enters the Nexus

Getting back into the swing of blogging once or twice a week. My thought is that it will help me get back into the routine of writing every day. Hopefully that means writing every day and not using all of that time for blogging so I can tweak out the couple of short stories I’ve been working on and finish the novel sized manuscript. But that is only one of the reasons for today’s post.

If you have been following my gaming section, I have not talked much about D&D Encounters that I run on Wednesday nights at a friend’s game store. The reason for that is the table consists of the same 4-5 people every week. Most of them have Wednesdays as their only 4E game and want to advance past 3rd level. As such I offered to run them through the Nexus campaign I did for my Sunday group. We started the campaign last night.

Of course it really didn’t surprise me that the first night we ran that, someone came looking for a game. Not really Encounters, but a game. She just happened to pick Wednesday to stop by the store and ask. The upside is we explained the campaign and she was game to give it a try.

Rules started out the same as before – humans only and any class goes. I did have to set a restriction of no vampires (a class introduced in the Heroes of Shadow book) due to the campaign though. As with the Sunday campaign if a character dies, new racial options will open up depending on the allies they get during the course of the game. This option was never used in the Sunday game except for the one time I allowed the invoker to choose a dwarf battlerager. I was pretty sure he wasn’t interested in playing a kobold anyhow.

The party left the protection of Nexus with:

  • Saul – cleric of Pelor
  • Lexa – avenger (Fist of Pelor)
  • Carl – quick battlemind (psionic defender)
  • Staci – storm sorceress
  • Leonisis – bard/paladin hybrid
  • Mad Mardigan – drunken brawler (monk NPC)
After clearing out the ruined temple of the goblins that were there, the group came upon a ritual they can use to cleanse the mausoleum behind the temple and the temple itself. It does involve going into the crypt and retrieving a rod from the Hall of Heroes within. During this adventure the newest member of the group will join them.
  • Name Not Nearby – slayer
More will get posted as it develops. But as a refence for the new players, here is the postings from the original run of the campaign relevant to them…

One thought on “Encounters Enters the Nexus

  1. My son would love you, actually, him and all his friends. They’ve been meeting at our house for D&D, but don’t have too many involved. He’s going to college in the fall, and I’m guessing he may find more D&D fans. The big thing in our fairly small town is a coffee shop that the owners hold Magic tournaments (Magic the Gathering cards), and they are having art nights for the kids who are artists, and open mike nights. It’s pretty damn cool. I wish I was a teenager, I’d so be there. I wish more non-teens would get involved, then I could go up there without seeming like a hovering mom.

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