First Post Orcus Campaign

Last night marked the first game of the Orcus Campaign one of the players is running between chapters of the Tomb of Horrors. We met and created characters. The initial player-character list is as follows:

  • Mike: Gloin the dwarven cleric
  • Kim: Kava the dragonborn fighters
  • CJ: Clarence Gattling the elven ranger
  • Dave: Varis the elven wizard
  • Nick: Mellick the tiefling paladin
  • Zombie Joe: Raven the halfling vampire

We went on a single quest to deal with a grouping of goblins that had been leading raids from a mine near Harkenwold. A quick search of the area revealed a rather intricate lair built into the mineshaft. Goblins with wolves had indeed made their home there.

The party of adventurers went through the mine and eradicated the goblins, only allowing the largest of the wolves to be set free once the vampire had used his feral nature to befriend it. They also managed to recover a magical long sword, a black orb taken from the inside of an old statue of Orcus. We also found a map of the village with the inn and the Lord’s Manor circled in red along with a letter written in goblin.

End of Game Notes

  • 53 gold each (this includes the 25 gold payment from Old Keller)
  • 243xp each
  • map – brewery and lord’s manor circled in red
  • letter written in goblin with only the word Thunderspire written in common
  • black orb (religious item) found in statue of Orcus)
  • +1 long sword (given to the paladin)
  • red potion of healing (not given to anyone)

Game Quotes

  • Seriously, I can make my staff glow whenever I want.
  • What? Just grab on and walk backwards. It’s totally my power.
  • I would have totally pounced on it and sucked it dry. (The game does have a vampire after all…)
  • It’s hard upside down.
  • And not the swing you sit on.
  • You could take a standard action to make me surge. Do you want that? Yeah… yeah I do.
  • Be more specific… Okay, I try to penetrate it.
  • I don’t know where my little lever went.
  • He gonna mage hand the lever.
  • It’s much easier going down.

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