I stand with the Fighting 14…

Here are a couple facts you might not know about me. At 41 years old, I have never lived anywhere but Wisconsin. I was born in Madison, and have lived here my entire life. One of my earliest memories of grade school was learning to sing On Wisconsin in class. For 41 years my veins have pumped Crimson and White (official colors of the Badgers for you non-Wisconsinites). Last night my blood started pumping pure red.

Wednesday night is D&D Encounters Night at Misty Mountain Games. It is a weekly event I run for players in the Madison area. My table is top-heavy with people associated to the University Wisconsin-Madison and other public service. Scott works as a tax collector for the Department of Revenue. He’s also the one that was following the reports and told us about the modified collective bargaining bill was drawn up, approved and voted on.

The level of disgust I was hit with at that moment was intense. I couldn’t believe it. None of this rang true as being a democratic process to me. But I had an event to run for people. My players have been pretty steady for the past months, so they are all my friends. I wasn’t going to tank the week’s game when there was nothing I could do even if I did. That is not my way.

After dropping off one couple that I drive to the game, I headed to MATC to pick up my son. From there we stopped for dinner even though I was feeling sick and beside myself. Is this what our democracy has come down to? Like some sick subplot from Spartacus Blood and Sand? How is this even possible and how can this administration continue on with their lies?

Once home I checked out the reports for myself. I watched the videos. I checked out the photos. I watched the news and the Twitter feed. In the midst of all of that, I found what I needed. The simple statement in the press that the 14 Democratic Senators in Illinois would be returning to stand with us and “retake our government.”

Sure, it may smack of the “I’m with CoCo” movement – but this is far more important. This is about our rights and what we expect from our government. Walker’s administration has refused to hear the voice of the people and continue to perpetuate the myth that an “overwhelming majority” support him in this push. He also claims that he campaigned on a platform about removing collective bargaining, which has since been proven to be a lie.

It is for those reasons and many more, that I will be standing with the “Fighting 14” of the senate. For various reasons I have not made the trek down to the capital. I have had others to pitch that fight for me. In my own stunning display of “do as I say, not as I do” I have told my son no more demonstrating down there. We discussed how we were concerned for his safety. When it boils down to it though, I will be down there. We stand together or divided we fall.

Stand with the 14 while they fight for us. While they REALLY do what they were elected to do. Pledge your intention to recall Scott Walker once we are able to. Or like me, keep your eyes glued to the news and wait for notice of something that has been done that will allow us to move forward with impeachment proceedings.


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