Big Weekend

Fine, it was sort of a big weekend. Lots of stuff going on. Let’s take it in order then.

Friday, Feb. 11th – Highlander Night

The group of 3 of us met at the local game store to play some Highlander. I played the Methos deck that was inspired by a tweet from Marjorie M Liu again. I also threatened to keep playing that deck until they figured out a way to beat it. If Ms. Liu ever does a signing or seminar in Wisconsin I fear I may have to provide security.

In the upside I dished out three sealed setups (starter and two boosters) for us to play a sealed after the constructed. Lots of fun was had.

Saturday, Feb 12th – Birthdays, Basketball and WoW

The morning was taking the dog in for blood-tests at the vet. Apparently with him being 12 years old they wanted to test his thyroid with the infections he’s been getting. That lead to coffee and scones for breakfast before my father took my son to the basketball game. For the Badger fans out there, yes… THAT basketball game. So my son spent his birthday watching probably the best game of the year while I spent mine writing my 542 words for the day waiting for the call that my dog was ready to come home.

I was then given the present that he is right on the borderline of normal and hyper-thyroid. So I get to give the dog a pill twice a day for the rest of his life. It could be worse. I had to give the cat insulin shots every day for way to long at the end of his run. On the upside he came back with a lot more energy and was showing off the valentines bandanna he got from the vet. Definitely liked it more than the brown plaid one he got last time. Clock in a few hours watching movies with the dog and spoiling him a bit and then my son was back from the basketball game.

From there we grabbed a couple of “fat packs” for WoW and headed over to Justin’s place to play some WoW CCG, watch videos and order pizza. I had forgotten how much fun it was to sit down and flop some cards. Even if I did overdose on it a bit this weekend. For those of you who are local there is a sealed qualifier taking place in Fort Atkinson in the middle of March. I might consider going out to that one.

Sunday, Feb. 13th – Cupcake Clash Milwaukee

This was something I had been planning for a while. The owners of Bleeding Heart Bakery were going to be there as one of the celebrity judges, and their book has been the one I have been basing most of my concoctions off of. You just know that meant I needed to get it signed. Also Duff from Ace of Cakes was going to be there which meant I could get a signed book from him for my wife. While I am not a stickler for greeting card holidays, Valentines Day was good enough reason to get it for her.

Most of the time we were there, I was standing in line. Standing in line to pay for parking (and wishing I had thought to bring a jacket by the end of the wait), standing in line for tickets (knowing it was the best idea to have my father and son wait for tickets while my mother and I paid for parking) and then standing in line for a signed book. This gave me a number of “skin of your teeth” moments through the day. Had we not split up to stand in the two different lines we might not have gotten in (they did sell out of tickets at the door). Had we not run into our friends CJ and Kim paying for parking, they would not have gotten in (wasting a trip to Milwaukee from Madison). Had I not gotten in line when I had I likely would not have gotten a book from Duff (I got one of the last 3, and the last undamaged one).

Meeting the Garcias was great as I have talked with them on Twitter for a while now. One of the best things about their cookbook was that when I had problems with a recipe I would take a photo of what happened and post it to Twitter. As I was learning to make cakes from scratch that way I was given all sorts of help with what might be going wrong, typos in the book (which have since been corrected should you be looking at picking it up) and just baking tips in general. In fact during the course of the day there CJ went up to let them know that it was because of them that he had bacon in his cupcake, and thanked them. I think he told me that he was also talking about getting Kate to show up to the game with a cupcake embargo.

After the signing we stood around a table tasting the numerous cupcakes that were there competing in the amateur and professional categories. There were several highlights for me. Some were good and some were not so good…

Devils Food Red Hots “Naughty” Cakes – chocolate and red hots. Each one was topped with either a pair of red chocolate panties or a bra. Tasty cupcake with just a little zing… until you hit the bottom where ground up red hots settled. In hindsight, I think a denser batter would have evened the distribution.

Jalapeno Red Velvet dipped in Ganache – This one had a bright yellow filling, orange frosting with a flames logo with the table number on it. It looked like a NASCAR and all you could really taste was the jalapeno. For my part, I would have lowered the amount of jalapeno and made it in a chocolate cake to give it a mole taste to it. Top it with cream cheese frosting colored red for the look. I may have to try that one sometime.

Strawberry Vinagrette Cupcake – It was an unusual combination of part sweet and part savory and was tasty as hell. I made sure to bring one of those home for Robin. I just wished I could have gotten the recipe for that one.

Guinness Cupcake – A stout chocolate style cake. It was moist and tasty and was Kim’s favorite, which means that I was given a request to make that one for Sunday Game Night. I guess that means it is time for me to start practicing the chocolate bases now.

Once home, the rest of the night was just sitting at home, relaxing and watching the shows with my wife she had missed while she was gone. Or at least the last two episodes of Face Off and the last Cupcake Wars she missed.

Very low key, but one of the more relaxing weekends I have had in a while. The only thing that would have made it better would have been if I had managed to get my gaming content all organized and back on the shelves and if the dog had not been given a sentence of hormone pills for the rest of his life. Overall though, if that’s the worst I had to face this weekend considering how badly it could have gone – I was happy.

Chain Stats

  • Feb 12 – 542
  • Feb 13 – 0 (that didn’t take long)
  • Feb 14 – 511

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