Tomb of Horrors – Introduction

The past couple of weeks have sparked our introduction into the Tomb of Horrors. If you are one of my D&D interested readers, you likely already know this is the 4E super module that is the sequel to the iconic D&D adventure. If you are not, you are probably not even reading this far.

Our part makeup can be found in the D&D section. The group as a whole will be running between 6-7 players with at least 1 character in each role. All of them are members of a guild that hires out sell-swords to various businesses in the area, collectively known as Blackhawk’s Talons.

In traveling to the north of Trinity to discover what on the road has made travel so treacherous for the merchants of the business district, they came across an altar to Bahamut set up in a forest clearing – the site of a great battle of the Heroes of Trinity from generations past. It was overrun with bandits and devilish creatures performing some ritual of ill intent.

Working into the depths of the foundation to the altar, they came across a group of devils using human sorcerers to summon a pit fiend to the Earth in an effort to gain a foothold here. A great battle took place in which the devils were defeated and the ritual stopped just before the gateway fully opened.

The succubus that had entranced the barbarian made a bid for her freedom. In exchange for her freedom, she agreed to return to her home plane and not seek out entrance to Earth herself for 100 years. She could not assure that she wouldn’t be summoned, but she would not seek her own means to the world. She also agreed not to seek out the party for revenge (she didn’t like the bearded demons anyhow), and would give them a pair of beneficial (level 12) magic items as way of ransom for her release.

The group freed a fae that had been trapped below to be used in the ritual as a sacrifice and he directed them towards a tear leading to the faewild. He is pretty sure this corruption in his home plane is the same threat that is causing problems on the road.


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