A Short Release Day Update

There are a few books out there releasing today that are worth noting. Actually probably more than a few, but a few that I am aware of.

Bloodshot by Cherie Priest

This one is sitting in my account, waiting to be downloaded to my Nook. After the steampunk novels, I am pretty hyped to be reading this one.

Crossed by J F Lewis

I have heard really good things, but I have his books in my TBR pile calling to me every time I have a free moment. Reviews from the people I trust are enough to make me dive in to this one as well. I do need to read 100 novels this year…

Iron Witch by Kaz Mahoney

This I am simply regurgitating the recommendation of Mark Henry. He has yet to steer me wrong, so I am betting this will be well worth the look. Also a debut author – and y’all know how I love supporting a debut author.

A Brush of Darkness by Allison Pang

Another debut author, but more than that, the buzz in my Twitter-feed Tuesday morning was electric. So much so, that I followed not only the author but her unicorn too! More so I joined in on the chat at Bitten by Books and went so far as to purchase a second copy of the book off that page. I did already pick it up a day before the release at the local Barnes and Noble.

What insanity led me to do this? Well… the lauding I was hearing is not something I have heard that often from Leaugers. That means I am expecting something really hot in this book, even more so than the back jacket was promising. Honestly this past Friday I almost picked it up before hearing anything from online friends. The only thing that held my hand was the size of my TBR pile at home.

What does this mean that I have two copies of it? Well, it means I will likely give away a copy of it here. I’ll announce it once I decide to. Free express shipping to Barnes & Noble members is a good thing.


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