Reading Contests… Ask Me How

After our D&D Game Night I was sitting around reading and I made note of the fact that Goodreads is having a reading challenge. You set your own goal and it sets a status bar on your page for how close you are towards that goal. I figured I would jump in on it. Of course this now means that I need to post every book I am reading to Goodreads.

Also for the Goodreads “self-challenge” I chose to bump up my goal from 50 to 100 books for the year. I had considered 75 at first but it seems that I am reading a lot faster than I used to. That is provided I can keep up that level of reading along with my writing.

The other is the Horror & Urban Fantasy Reading Challenge that is set up by Book Chick City. Last count it looks like nearly 140 people all attempting to read a set number of horror or urban fantasy books. In that instance you are supposed to blog about it and link the blog. This does add yet another level of complexity towards reading a large number of books, but I also figure that this will give me some titles I might not have considered before.

Not that I really need more titles, mind you. I gave up on a shelf for my TBR pile and have taken to walking past my shelves in my den to choose something I haven’t read. Sorry, but if you aren’t in the A’s or S’s for last name your chances have increased I will be coming back to your book. (A-B is the top shelf on one cabinet, S is top shelf on the other.)

Those who know me and saw the former horror that was my den will notice that I stated a hint to the fact that my library is alphabetized. Yes, that means you can actually locate books in my den! Of course this also means it has come to my attention that I own multiple copies of a few books. What this means is that I have books to give away! Keep an eye out on the blog and I will see what I can do about coming up with a contest or something for giving the books away.


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