The Journey Speeds Up

Today brings a few things that push the throttle on “The Journey.” Only of of which is my guest review of Crimson Wind by Diana Pharaoh Francis done on Wicked Lil Pixie. There’s just something about spouting off about a series you enjoy and that’s one that I enjoy a lot.

To explain how it is that reviewing a book  I didn’t do fuels my resolve on finishing my current work isn’t very easy. Well that’s not entirely true, it just seems to me like it might confuse others. Reading a really good urban fantasy or horror story makes me consider the story, the plot, the characters and then trails me off into considering mine.

The characters in my current project are about as dissimilar to me as they can get. But they’re fun. The main character is vulgar, bitchy and even more damaged than I am, but I have to admit it is kind of refreshing to have her say things that I never would. I like playing around in their backyard – in a manner of speaking.

Also, there is my writing group. Our groups numbers are small, but that means that each week we can read a little bit more than we could have if we were a larger group. I have received some really good feedback on the first chapter – and not just that it was funny in the places it was supposed to be funny. Actual advice on how I can tighten up the flow of the story. This is the important distinction between a writing group and a critique group – we don’t just motivate each other to write, but we help each other with ways to improve what we are writing.

To be honest there is one drawback to the small number of members. To date, I am the only unpublished writer in the group. So, if you are in the Madison area and are an unpublished writer…

Finally there is #dietgame, a hashtag challenge on Twitter. A group of us get together, set a goal of what we want to lose and use the hashtag to keep each other motivated. Secretly, I think Dina James is just living out her dream of being a drill sergeant through it. Last year went well until my wife started baking practice for my zombie cake, so I think this year should go pretty well.

Next up will be a running tally of where the WIP (work in progress) is and what the next goal is. Keep an eye out for it. And maybe another review or two.


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