The Journey’s First Speed Bump

Speed bump really is a relative term. While the writing has not hit a speed bump, the blogging about it has. November wrapping up, outlining and fixing what the less positive habits of November did to the manuscripts I worked on, and the holidays took away from a lot of my free time. Which isn’t to say I have free time now – because I really don’t.

Well, that’s not entirely true. I could be writing in the mornings except that a bout of bad weather started me sleeping in again. I have been using the snooze button so much I have considered calling it “the time I should have set my alarm for button.” Not to mention I have even gone so far as to tag team one alarm on one side of the bed and my phone alarm on the other side… of a king sized bed.

Evenings have been filled with a bit of holiday errands as well as trying to repair a set of frozen lines in our camper. Granted that was a late November ordeal, but one that took us up to the great snowfall that kept the mall from fully opening. So I have organized the story and identified what I need to research. I have even started the ground work for interviewing an LA area DJ that I saw responding to a celebrity account on Twitter. Seriously, last time I was a DJ there were actual disks involved. Vinyl ones!

Either way, that leads me into the end of the calendar year and the approach of the end of month two of The Journey. It is turning out a lot like I thought it would. I knew December and the end of May were going to be a dead zone for me. Holidays always are and in May my wife and I are taking a cruise to Alaska for our 20th Anniversary. Although I anticipate some work getting done on the trip, I also anticipate no wifi for the entire week.

On the upside of this month, I have the end of the year purging of my vacation time. Which leaves me with the final week of the year (mostly) off. There will still be the occasional text message to check email for something to post, but the majority of the time will be mine. That means (in addition to paying the property taxes, getting new glasses and running a couple errands for my wife) I will be polishing off at least one of the two manuscripts I started in November.

Honestly it seems the horror-comedy version of the story was the one that had the strongest voice. At least that is the one that is shouting in my ear late at night. It also has quite the vulgar vocabulary – even when shouting at me. So that is the one I am going to give the attention to. No chance of this one becoming YA, that’s for damn sure. In fact, in the event that I ever do write anything YA, if this story gets published it would likely warrant the use of a YA pen name.

Starting Tuesday December 28th, look for daily updates to the stats of the manuscript in process of being completed/fleshed out.


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