Nearing the Wrap Up

Last night was my first day back from a week’s vacation. I am nearly caught up on the 50k goal. The manuscript still has some work ahead of itself. I thought about working on it last night once we got home but my headache was reaching migraine levels fast. The call for the night then turned into Tylenol, shortbread cookie and a movie on the couch with my wife. Well, a movie and a half really.

We started by watching the original Charlies Angels movie. Basically the reason for this was that she didn’t remember Prodigy’s Smack My Bitch Up playing during the first fight scene with Creepy Thin Man. So we watched the movie. Once it was done, the television popped to a movie channel that was playing Julie & Julia. Not really of much note except for seeing the start of that movie right before Halloween gave me the idea to document this next manuscript. Also, we came in on the movie around the same point I turned it off before. And this time my wife was there with me watching it.

Basically it made me realize that the goal I set for the month was to high. It also gave me see that without my wife being who she was I would have been in a hell of a lot of trouble this month. I would have likely eaten out every meal, there would probably be food molding in the refrigerator and I wouldn’t have any clean clothes. This coming December my goal is to finish my first draft of the manuscript I have been calling “The Right Story” since the beginning of the month I was working on the wrong story. Even though I plan on completing it, I plan on doing it 1500-2000 words at a time – around an hour or two a day. This should leave me with the time to actually have a life outside of work and writing.

As I have stated before (and will likely state again) for me this challenge is less about the 50k word goal and more about the story. It is a great time to start a first draft and go out to write-ins for the companionship on this crazy trip and to get motivated. But hitting 50k isn’t really the point. The point is writing the story. It makes me a bit sad when I see a counter on the web site hit just over 50k a week before end of month and then watch it just sit there unloving the rest of the time. What are the odds that the story really came to a close 200 words past the 50k mark? If it did, what are the odds that it was a short story being padded up to 50k to make a “novel” in a month’s time?

In reality it doesn’t matter one way or the other – not for me at least. For me what matters is my manuscript, my story. And my story is getting close to the goal but still has a lot of work to go. So I write on. The Journey is only in it’s first month and the trip is far from complete. Tuesday night is the Midnight Madness here in Madison when we all make that final push to get over 50k and upload the evidence of the victory to the NaNoWriMo web site. Wednesday morning I continue on with my manuscript as my language further dives into the gutter.

Y’all are free to join me on that continuing leg of The Journey, but you have been warned that the next month will likely be a rated R month during the best of times.


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