Happy Thanksgiving Day 24!

Thanksgiving morning and one of the key things I am thankful for is that Starbucks is still open this morning. My wife is sitting in the only open comfy chair (she has a bad hip so it’s more comfortable) and I am at a table writing while she reads her first signed book. Honestly she has gotten signed books before, but the first was a copy of The Graveyard Book for Edgar (Gaiman’d!) and the others were ones at ALA for our grandchildren.

I am also thankful for NaNoWriMo. I know there are arguments for and against it. Claims that it promotes bad writing habits one one side and claims that it teaches the aspiring author to write every day on the other. What it does for me is it gives me permission to go out to write-ins, meet other writers and talk about writing. The word wars don’t hurt either. Each of us is motivated differently and for me the word wars work.

A lot of advice for NaNoWriMo people have been passed back and forth like a cheap whore this month. I had a few points that I offered up for a local person that I thought I would pass on to my blog as well. So, here is my unsolicited advice…

  • What works for me might not work for you. Take in all of the advice people give you and pick and choose what works for you. Nobody’s formula is exactly the same as yours.
  • Write every day. Even if it is only 400 words of your main character bitching out her boyfriend for being an ass. Write. At least for me, finding an excuse not to write is a snowball in the works. It’s like Sisyphus getting the boulder up to the top of the hill. It rolls right back down and you’re back where you started from.
  • NaNoWriMo isn’t about getting published or even about hitting the 50000 words. I know, NaNoBlasphemy. I may be branded a heretic and excommunicated from the boards and the region, but for me NaNoWriMo is about the story. Didn’t reach 50k by the end of the month? Keep going every day until you have a completed story. Reached 50k so you think you’re done? Check and see if your story is really done. The average novel is not 50k, depending on the genre.
  • Don’t forget the editing. Assuming your ultimate goal is to publish make sure to have people critique your work and do at least one edit of it before submitting it anywhere. If you can handle some friends telling you that your “baby is ugly” then you are likely in a place where you can edit to improve the piece and have the best chance possible to get it published.
  • Should you decide self publishing (especially self e-pub) make sure to do an edit. You are putting that book out there with your name on it, so the better product you put out there the less likely you are to get negative reviews on Amazon.

As of 9:30…

  • starting word count: 25858
  • ending word count: 25858
  • caffeine consumed: 1 iced quad non-fat latte (sensing a theme in this line?)
  • insanity level: high
  • fatigue level: medium
  • senses I am hating right now: 1 (who brings a grandchild to a Starbucks, sits there to eat and lets the kid screech in a pitch that would make a dog’s ears bleed and not say anything to them?)
  • deer harvested: nearly one, I damn near wiped its ass with my front quarter panel

Happy Thanksgiving Nanos! Now get to writing! 😉


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