Day 23… Yes, I do still live, why?

The title pretty much says it all, don’t it? I have been off for a bit trying to come to terms with the story. I had the choice of two different stories to write. Horror or a Horror-Comedy. Right around the time of Murder and Mayhem in Muskego I had an epiphany on the way back from Muskego. (Or was it the way there?) I not only had a solid idea for the characters in the comedy, but the personalities and the flaws that would make the special. Suddenly it made me notice how bland the characters in the horror story were.

Jump forward a day or two. I am still making my way through the horror story, but an online writer friend convinced me I was writing the wrong story and it would show. He was right. Don’t tell him I said so, I’ll never hear the end of that shit – seriously.

So here I am, sitting in a Starbucks the day before Thanksgiving, not hunting, and writing in the voice of a Paris Hilton style celebrity socialite. Yeah, I know. It’s like we’re twins, right? Just think of the poor bastards around me that see the links to various sites showing women’s shoes that cost more than my first semester of college. Poor people are probably picturing me admiring them in the mirror like that one guy in the Dawn of the Dead remake.

But the good news is that the story is flowing. There are definite characters, a strong plot, and probably two passes of deep edits ahead of me to ensure my character sounds more like Paris and less like Amanda Feral. But that is the kind of problems I can really hope for.

As of 12:45…

  • starting word count: 23212
  • ending word count: 25212 (almost like I planned that shit, right?)
  • caffeine consumed: 1 iced quad non-fat latte
  • insanity level: high
  • fatigue level: low to medium
  • cardinal nano-sins: 2 (previous extraction and current “restart”)
  • deer harvested: none,  because I gave up on hunting this season
  • superstitions upheld: I still have the single bullet in my keypocket as I do every hunting season



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