Day 16: Past Half Way Point

This weekend was a killer. Between the fatigue and my attending Murder and Mayhem in Muskego I lost quite a bit of time. I am looking forward to having off this next week so that I can catch back up. It also doesn’t help that during all that driving back and forth to Muskego I came up with a breakthrough on a more comedic twist for a story. Same monsters as my horror, but with a dark comedy element. And of course it sounds more fun to write than what I am doing now.

Last night went well and I have high hopes for tonight. Which is good as tomorrow is another D&D Encounters night at Misty Mountain. Here are my totals from this morning…

As of 8:00…

  • starting word count: ~18000
  • ending word count: 18336
  • caffeine consumed: 1 non-fat vanilla latte
  • insanity level: medium-high
  • fatigue level: medium
  • victims killed to date: 1 old hunter, every truck at deer camp, likely another hunter (we shall see…), 1 wolf just being a wolf
  • deer harvested: 4, 1 eaten by monster, more likely but not listed in prose
  • gazebos: 1 (I let FB have some attention this morning)

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