Day 11: Hitting a Stride

Tonight was another visit to Starbucks on State Street. Jessica, Scott and I threw down in Word Wars and Jaye even joined us online for a few. It managed to work for my benefit even though I dropped through my first 1400 words of the day on a blog to “clear the pipes” before getting to my nano project.

Sitting home I’m eating my dinner, watching Dawn of the Dead and counting out my words. I’m also thinking of going to Beans n’ Cream tomorrow morning instead of Cool Beans tomorrow. We shall see though…

As of 22:00…

  • starting word count: 11441
  • ending word count: 13539
  • caffeine consumed: 1 non-fat vanilla latte, 1 iced quad venti vanilla non-fat latte
  • insanity level: medium
  • fatigue level: low
  • victims killed to date: 1 old hunter, 1 pickup truck
  • deer harvested: 4, 1 eaten by monster
  • gazebos: 1 (1400 words worth of it – blog)

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