Day 10: A Third of the Way

Actually it is probably a bit more than that. I am going to include stats here, but with D&D Wednesday Encounters tonight (I am running so skipping is not an option) I will likely not get much written. It had been a difficult start for me and last night on my way home from the coffee shop I figured out why. As I took a rural road home I had a deer come step out in front of me. Not a big deal, this is Wisconsin. I slowed down, flashed my lights up and kept an eye out for any friends the doe might have behind her. “Not a bad sized one,” I said to myself as I passed by the time it hit me. This was the first time this year I can honestly say I have considered hunting.

To explain, November for the past 10 years has been about the hunting. The only year I didn’t go out for at least a day was the year of my back surgery – after I gave up the cane I have always gone at least one weekend of the yearly gun season. More than that though, it had been a definite change in the way I think. By the time we get to the tail end of October I am already noticing that smell in the air, I am getting antsy to bring out the rifle and get my tags and I start scanning the fields I pass for animals. This year I’m writing about guys doing that. Of course they are also being hunted by a monster that can’t be killed with guns and has a taste for human flesh, so I’ve got that going for me.

With the full week of hunting season off (save the November 27th football game), I am going to start making plans. I need to put this imbalance to rest so that my writing has its best chance of success. Of course a solid word war last night helped, but I think this will help keep the momentum going. Because this year, more so than past years, it seems that November is all about the coffee, the words and the community.

As of 8:15…

  • starting word count: 10781
  • ending word count: 11441
  • caffeine consumed: 1 non-fat vanilla lattes
  • insanity level: low
  • fatigue level: low
  • victims killed to date: 1 old hunter, 1 pickup truck
  • deer harvested: 3, 1 eaten by monster
  • self-realizations: 1

Notes from the day…

  • You’ll notice by the numbers that my word count goes more slowly when I am solo writing vs a Word War. *sigh*

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